One Word Photo Challenge: Hippotamus

Oliver, Patrick, Whale, Hippo Natural History Musem Kensington

This is unbelivable. Where am I to find a photo of a hippopotmus in the middle of Switzerland. The largest animal I find here is a cow, or perhaps a bull, but our amphibia are usually frogs.

I then remembered a visit to the Natural History Museum in London, where they have dinosaurs, so I had a look in my photo album. This was in the early eighties, on a visit to my mum and dad in London aged around 9 and 14.  I was watching my two boys who were fascinated by the objects shown. The main animal here was a large whale and you can also see the skeleton of something big in the background. On the right my hippo, although I am not sure if it is the sort of hippo you would meet today on the Nile. He was not dangerous, just showing his teeth for all to see.

One Word Photo Challenge: Hippotamus

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