Daily Prompt: Being moxie

Cows 17.06 (1)

“Am I moxie?”

“No, idea, but you could be, sounds good.”

“Nothing “could be”, am I moxie?”

“I am watching the TV, the Tour de France, and cannot study words that I have never heard of.”

“I am writing my daily prompt about moxie. I had a look in the Internet and it says it was a soft drink in the States.”

“Then you are not moxie, you are a human being and I have never seen you with a bottle of moxie in the hand or found a bottle in the fridge.”

“No, it has a meaning “courage and agressive”, also verve and pep.”

“You can be quite agressive sometimes, especially when I want to conentrate on a bicycle race across France and you ask a silly question.”

“It is not a silly question. It is an American word and the subject of what I am writing.”

“We are not Americans, so perhaps it was not meant for you. On the other hand you can be quite insistant when I am trying to concentrate on something. How comes you have a photo of a cow on your blog.”

“I thought it would show how courageous I am in taking the photo.”

“You don’t need courage to take the photo of a cow especially with a close up lens. It is not as if you were actually standing next to the cow and having a conversation with her.”

“So you don’t think I am moxie.”

“It is really not important to have a discussion about words that do not exist in the english language, especially when I want to concentrate on something else.”

“Now you are being moxie.”

“I am not being moxie. I cannot be moxie because moxie does not exist in my vocabulary and I don’t know what it means. They are are approaching the winning post in the mountain section of the race.”

“Perhaps they are being moxie on their bikes. You need lots of verve and pep to ride a bike uphill.”

“What has verve ad pep got to do with being moxie?”

“No idea, but it is another meaning of the word.”

“I hope the various meanings are now finished.”

“Not quite, we also have skill and knowhow. But there we have it, the solution. The tour de France shows cyclists with verve and pep, as well as being skilled on their bikes complete with the knowhow to win the race. They need courage and must be agressuve to conquer uphill roads.

Where are you going?”

“For a walk before I get moxie.”

“You are getting moxie? How does it feel?”

“Like I want to calm my nerves down and get less agressive. That is why I am going out, to escape from the temptation to get moxie with your determination to spoil a quiet afternoon at home, where I only wanted to watch the tour de France on the TV.”

“Oh, I see, now I know how it must be to get moxie. Can I now write in peace without your complaints all the time.”

“I am not complaining.”

“Of course not, just being moxie.”

Daily Prompt: Being moxie

Good Morning

Solothurn 1407 (27)

I let myself out again yesterday afternoon. I no longer go away on holiday, but stay at home for my holiday. Mr. Swiss had to deal with something in Solothurn for an hour and I decided to accompany him, although only for the ride. I had other things in mind and with a camera nothing is safe. It was a pleasant afternoon weatherwise, not too hot. My fist photo is of our so-called Landhaus on the bank of the River Aar. It is used for various exhibitions and events and there is even a boat landing place if you prefer to go by river instead of road. Actually I noticed yesterday there were a few smaller transport boats for people wanting to travel by river. I will have to try that one myself one day – another opportunity for photos.

I left Mr. Swiss and took off with the camera. I decided to cross the river by one of our foot bridges and then I saw them.

Swans 14.07 (7)

Mum and dad and the kids taking a swim on the river. I knew they must be somewhere and I was astonished how big the babies had already grown. Under the watchful eye of the parents they were going for a swim through the town of Solothurn. I loved the way mum was leading and dad was keeping an eye at the back to make sure they all stayed and did not wander. I cannot express my pleasure at seending the family at last. I knew there were kids somewhere, but it was a lucky afternoon for me.

I made my way further, my target being our bird aviary. It has been so many years since I was there, I did not even know if it still existed. There are just a few large cages with some completely different birds.

Aviary Solothurn 14.07 (6)

I had to play with the focus on the camera to eliminate the steel fence, but some of the photos turned out OK. The birds are named with their species but I could not register all. I am sure someone will know the names of the various birds here.

Aviary Solothurn 14.07 (15)

Time flies when you are having fun and I decided at my pace of walking, I should think about the long walk home again, although luckily this time was it all downhill. I decide the quickest way would be over our so called “bicycle” bridge, the real name being Kreuzackerbruck.

Solothurn 1407 (19)

It is a downhill walk from the town, so it suited me. It is a comfortable bridge to walk across as no cars are allowed. It is quite a joke with the tourists in Solothurn. Sometimes they miss the sign and you suddenly see a car, usually with foreign number plates, crossing the bridge which is a good opportunity for a laugh and amusing photos. It does not happen very often, but always a reason for a story in the local newspaper. We are a quiet place, murders and crimes do not often happen and so such stories are a hit. Of course if you hang around at the main station you might see some shady characters.

I was just approaching the end of the bridge and I heard ducks quaking quite near. I though it would be again a good opportunity for a photo and then I realised it was my phone ringing (we all have our own choice in tone). It was Mr. Swiss to say he was finished and then I saw him approaching, such good timing. We met and suddenly a friend walked past, someone we had not seen for a few years. Whilst we were catching up on life there were two pigeons sitting on the river wall opposite getting to know each other. Yes, another opportunity for four or five photos, here is one of them.

Pigeons 14.07 (7)

I do not know how this romatic story ended, but they were still getting to know each other when I left. We headed for the car parking silo and passed the local Co-op supermarket on the way when Mr. Swiss remembered he just had to buy some chocolate. I deposited myself on the bench at the local bus stop and decided to wait for him there. You never know I might find a couple of opportunities for photos.

Eventually we headed home, tired but happy. I had a couple of blogs to write and there were almost 80 photos on the camera to upload. A golden oldie does not have many pleasures left in life, but if you have a camera you always have something to do. I suppose some prefer to collect stamps or go wandering. My mind wanders for me and who needs stamps when you have Facebook and e-mail.

Today I am taking it easy, going nowhere and just playing with the vacuum cleaner – but who knows. Enjoy the beginning of the week-end and do not forget, you are never alone with a computer.

One last photo of a pigeon conference with buffet included.

Pigeons 14.07 (3)