RDP Friday: Disquieting

I am sure you might be – definitely are – disquietened by this photo, but have no worry. I am just practicing for the next visit to my Mr. Swiss in his Golden Oldie Retreat. Yes, Covid has once again struck out its ugly hand and one of the inmates has got it. Now the aim is to ensure that no-one else gets it and so once again the masks are on the table as you enter and must be worn inside. On Sunday all will be tested for the dreaded, all hoping that it they will be safe as there is a group excursion to a lake in Switzerland and its town planned for Thursday. This will be cancelled if the dreaded begins to spread. Mr. Swiss feels OK so let us hope he stays OK, And me – I was just seeing how my mask now suits me with my long hair. The hair length is also a Covid side product. During the pandemic I did not bother to go to the hairdresser and this is the result.

RDP Friday: Disquieting

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