Good Evening

Despite the rain from late morning through midday, it cleared away and the afternoon was sunshine and light clouds. I thought I would have to postpone my visit to Mr. Swiss due to rain, but it brightened up. Now that we have the good weather Mr. Swiss needs some light Summer clothes as everything has got far too big for him since his new slim figure. Armed with a tape measure I got the right sizes and will be ordering some 3/4 trousers for him for delivery next week. He will also need a few t-shirts. Life with a computer is so much easier when you no longer have to visit the stores where half the things you want are not available in the right size. Mr. Swiss is quite astonished how I manage it all. I just had to show him the web site and choose the colours he wanted – no problem.

Of course I took the opportunity to take a few photos of the pet zoo he has in his home and they did not disappoint and the chickens were out and about. I do not think I have seen such fluffy well fed chickens before. I think this one is a rooster, at least he has rooster feet.

I took a walk around the pond and discovered this tortoise bathing in the sun on the side of the pond. He stayed there at least an hour and seemed to be quite satisfied. They certainly do have some interesting animals there.

Not forgetting the rabbits of course, they seem to be everywhere.

We have to wear masks again when visiting inside as they found a case of covid in the home yesterday. The lady is now in hospital and on Sunday morning all will be tested for Covid. Mr. Swiss feels fine and so do most of the inhabitants, but better to be safe and sure. An excursion for all in the home was planned for next week on Thursday to the town of Thun on a lake, but that is now in jeopardy depending on the results of the tests.

I made myself an appointment with the dentist for next week. I have a tooth that seems to be doing strange things. No pain, just a bit broken off, but if I remember rightly they once removed the nerve saying that one day I will have to have a full repair. That does not bother me so much, just the repair costs of course. It was also difficult to get an appointment so soon and I had to insist. I really did not want to wait until June and 08.00 in the morning is no good time for me.

On the way to Mr. Swiss I noticed that they now have a new field for the cows which I drive past on my scooter. At the moment there seem to be cows everywhere. I think more cows than people in Switzerland.

And now for a nice peaceful evening: no rain and a pleasant evening outside. I wish you all a good week-end. Here is a photo of the pond and chapel next to it from Mr. Swiss golden oldie home. The church is for all and does not belong to the home, but some like to attend the services there.

3 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Good Day!
    That tortoise is what I would consider to be a turtle, which lives in water for part of the time. They may all be known as tortoises there. A desert tortoise moved into our yard when I was a kid, and ate the weeds out of the lawn.

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