Good Morning

Later, but I am here. I suppose I was hugging the bed a little longer, and then there was the bird feeder to fill (greedy birds – otherwise they might become angry birds) and my washing had to be folded and put away. Yesterday the cleaning lady was here and she has a large appetite for cleaning rags (a selection of discarded underwear which make the best cloths for cleaning – all cotton). Nothing special on the horizon I see, but perhaps the promise of a few cloud contours. We have had such drab weather lately from morning to evening.

Yesterday afternoon I was determined to get out, come what may, but only to the nearest store. No. 2 son and family are visiting on Sumday and my supply on ice cream was quite low – actually non existant. I find serving ice cream for a desert is always popular with the grandkids and no bother to fix. My online delivery service cannot bring frozen goods as their vans are not equipped and now and again I like to replenish my stocks and also collect what special offers the store has.

I noticed that Autumn was really emptying the trees and the pavements were covered in leaves on my way.

It also seemed that the local road works decided to put a few obstacles in my way. Why it needs so many men to spread a little tar on the road surface and block everything I do not know. The lorry was also parked on the sidewalk. I stopped to take a photo and study how I was to overcome this blockage. I had to cross the road as the store was just a little further on the other side of the road. Then the guy in yellow (who seemed to be the capo di tutti capi) broke away from the others and said to wait, he would organise the traffic for me to cross the road. Just then the traffic light changed to red and he directed me safe and sound across the road. There are still cavaliers today it seems. It was then just a few minutes and I arrived at my destination. Actually this is the best store to visit – shame they do not have a fresh butchers counter, but they do have a good choice of prepacked. I saw that pork slices and pork chops were on offer and very fresh so I took a few packets. I then filled up with two varieties of ice cream and replenished my stock of frozen french fries (although I actually did have enough at home). I would have liked to have stocked up on more, but although my scooter has a good storage space, even that can get limited. I now go more to this local store and decided if the weather stays dry I would visit again at the end of the week.

As I was not going on a sightseeing tour, I decided to wheel my way home again passing some more wonderful nature exhibits of Autum on my way. Sometimes it gives you a good feeling to get out and about again. When I arrived home I was busy vacuum packing my meat trophies for freezing and organising my trophies. I then made an excursion to the cellar where I have my chest freezer and everything was dealt with. Mr. Swiss was happy to see I had discovered a new ice cream selection where they had transformed his favourite biscuits into a frozen creation.

And that was yeterday’s adventure although I noticed that our builders are complicating the entrance to my section of the village even more.

They are making progress on the new block and have extended their site to across the road. They need electricity and thqt is on the other side so have built this extension for the cables They also have metal plates on the ground covering various pits of cables and I now have to zig-zack through them to leave the estate. Oh. the joys of building.

I will now be staying at home until Friday when I might venture out again, but now I must deal with today and its excitement, although not so much I hope. I hope your day will not be full of negative excitement – who needs it. I hear in the background that Mr. Swiss has begun his day by reading the local newspaper. At least have some good scenery to put me in a good mood for the remainder of the day.

3 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    I am so early today that it is morning both here and there! (I really did not mean to work so late . . . or early. It is nearly 1:30 in the morning, but at least I am finished.) It is interesting that the same Himalayan blackberry bramble that gives me SO much trouble here is also an invasive exotic weed there, unless of course that those brambles area actually garden varieties of blackberry. Anyway, it looks like autumn there.

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    • I have no idea about how to recognise a Himalayan Blackberry, and I think here people only have blackerries for the fruit,. And yes, it is defintely Autumnm, bordering onto the snowy days of Winter.

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      • Himalayan blackberry looks like the fruiting sorts, but is much bigger, with tall and arching canes and huge thorns comparable to those of roses. Some people actually grow it for the fruit, and believe that the fruit is better than that of garden varieties. I do not care how good the fruit is. It is not worth the bother. The thorny canes are wicked! Unfortunately, it is all I have here. It generates all my blackberries. I will eventually plant garden varieties.

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