Good Morning

Yes, we have a real genuine sunrise, one of those that lights up the sky and we still have some sun. What a good start to the day, it has been a long time coming. On the other hand I did have a rude awakening this morning, nothing dangerous but I was hugging the bed thinking of the day ahead and suddenly it hit me. Although I composed and installed on the computer my shopping list for the week-end, it was still on the computer did not go anywhere. Unfortunately my store need to be told what to bring. It was a few minutes to my time of entering the real world, so I left my bed and moved to the computer to send off my order. I still had enough time, but being a night later, I really wanted to be sure of my usual delivery slot. Everything under control and then catastrophe, the computer switched off – no electric connection. I tried this and that and then discovered the culprit. We have an two electric rails with many plug posibilities and the one I was using had died. I found a live one and everything was under control and my store now has my order for delivery tomorrow morning at the usual time. You see what a small life I lead when such things became important to my existance. Thank goodness for the sunrise.

The magpies are also here keeping an eye on food supplies. This one got quite inquisitive about a walnut and decided to take a closer look.

The efforts paid off and eventually he flew off with the reward of a walnut packed in his beak. I do not know how they do it. I am sure I could not carry a walnut in my mouth.

The jay paid his usual visit and managed to pull down the pouch with the seeds in it, actually reserved for the smaller birds, but the jay takes no consideration for the small fry.

Although they also find their food with the various possibilities.

Yesterday was otherwise a bit of a lazy one. At last we managed to put our garden rubbish outside in the container to be collected today, thanks to the help of son No. 1. Now the garden is ready for the Winter and everything is dealt with. It seemed that everyone had the same idea and there was one row of containers along the path. Today will be another day at home with a bread to bake some time in the afternoon. I am also thinking of making a spanish tortilla (cooked potatoes with eggs) wih the evening cold cuts. They are quickly made. Spanish wife of a spanish friend often made one and theyare quite tasty. I never thought about making one before. I did a new veg dish this week with two diced aubergines and tomato – quite easy and even No. 1 son found it quite good. I never know with him how he will react to vegetables, with his autistic ideas, although it is the green vegetables that he tends to avoid. I have just decided to pep up my menus a little, making them a bit more interesting.

And now I am off to make my day interesting, although not wanting to overdo it. I can only wish you a good day with no unforeseen problems as I had this morning with my eomputer which is now working perfectly. It is only my window computer that needs to be plugged in, my Mac has enough current for a few hours with no problem. My Japanese maple in the garden has now said goodbye to all its leaves.