RDP Thursday: Team

What better team could you have than the army and this is the Swiss army – yes we have one. We even participated in the two world wars .protecting our borders from the others. This group seem to have been practicing for something in our town, but I do ot know what. Every able bodied man has to join the army, but it is a part time army. They do three weeks a year from the age of 20 for about 10 years. I am not sure of the exact time, but my No. 2 son was a Swiss soldier doing his duty. He was in the tank division, but his job was to organise the food and provisios. Now and again the colleagues took him for a ride in a tank and once he had to help with the flood damage in a part of Switzerland.

RDP Thursday: Team

Good Morning

Today is a very misty morning. I was up early enough, but again dithering around with this and that. I now have a new job. I have been taking Vitamin D drops daily since a few years and now Mr. Swiss has the same ones prescribed by his doc. I mix mine in some tea – just a couple of large spoonfulls and now I also do it for Mr. Swiss. He is now getting into the habit. We have really now become two golden oldies.

I now have an addition to my bird food. Our store now have the filled cocanuts with fat and seeds so of course I had to get one. Our birds now have their own gymnastic exercises when feeding. I really have the best fed birds in the neighbourhood.

The jay naturally had to join in the party. He is a regular visitor. Here he is being watched by a blue tit.

And I now have greenfinches everywhere.They must have spread the word that there is food at the Angloswiss ranch.

And there is always a cat around, Roschti from the neighbour, to keep everything under control, although his bird hunting days are no longer. He prefers to look after his own food supplies.

I was at home again yesterday, I had no reason to go anywhere and it was just a little on the cold side for a pleasure trip. I was putting fresh bed linen on the beds yesterday afternoon. I used to do it during the morning, but it was too much stress with the daily chores and cooking lunch. In the afternoon I have more time. The job is really getting more difficuilt as I get older. Mr. Swiss had to give up some time ago, although he helps where he can. It is a difficult job with turning the mattress, and dusting down the bed frame as well has hoovering beneath it, although it is a question of routine. In half an hour it is done and I leave Mr. Swiss to put the duvet and cushion back in its place and the bed cover. Replacing the mattress cover and fitted sheets is no great problem.

And that was my day of excitement. Today my only extra will be baking the daily bread, but I have that under control. I remember my first attempt which was bordering on a disaster, but now with the right equipment it is no great task.

I should now move on. I cannot sit at the computer all day, there is the world of reality waiting for me. Have a good day or night, whichever is the case.