Yes, that is me in the middle as the only lady and I think I made the right decision when the company invited me as Stand lady at the Tool Fair in Hannover. I was married, had the kids, but with a little bit or organisation I was off or the week at the fair. We are all now 50 years older and retired or no longer, but I was rite to do it.


Good Morning

Nothing special this morning a dreary rain, damp and not very welcoming. The only colour is from the Autumn foliage on the trees.

And of course the birds, although they are more interested in the food laying on the ground, and sparrows are not so colourful.

The jay is still arriving outside and getting a little closer.

He even snapped a peanut. It is a funny thing with those nuts. I leave them outside, but the birds do not pounce immediately. They wait until they have checked that there are no humans around and when they are sure they grab a nut. The magpies sit in the trees opposite wating. If I happe to leave the kitchen for a few minutes, when I return the nuts are all gone.

Today is a holiday in Switzerland for All Souls, all the stores being closed but I never go anywhere usually on Monday. I was thinking about a trip to the cemetery this afternoon but decided in the rain it was not really worth the bother. It seems to be the day when people want to be sure that everything is as it should be on the burial grounds.

The space available on my WordPress account is dwindling and I now have used 98%. I have decided to extend the space with WordPress business plan. but will wait until it really expires. I have thought about it, but my life’s finances are mainly buying food and paying medical bills (although I have a good insurance). A little enjoyment and pleasure I still want to have as a golden oldie and being more confined to my home, I decided to invest. One day I will no longer be blogging for whatever reason, so I am making the most of it. Another pasttime enjoyment is my photography, even if I am restricted with home photos. Now and again I escape with my camera and wheelchair for other adventures, but in Winter the weather plays with my freedom. If it snows it does not come into the question but cold temperatures also play their part.

Joux Joux one of the neighour’s cats walked through yesterday on her way to more important targets. She was just disappearing to the garden next door but paused for photo.

And Roschti, the other cat from the neighbourhood? She decided to see what was going on in our apartment and paid a visit.

And now I am off to deal with the daily chores. I am cooking something a little different today. A large smoked sausage with lentils and vegetables and potatoes with leek. I like it, No. 1 son will eat until nothing is left. I am not so sure about Mr. Swiss, although there will there will be nothing else to choose from, so as my mum said he will have to lump it or like it (cockney expression). Have a good day eveyone and may the sun at least be shining wherever you are.

The magpies send a greeting.