RDP Friday: Furnace

Looks like the days of this old furnace are now long gone but it still has its place outside for all to see.

I grew up with a furnace of sorts. Our house had no central heating it was all done with coal. We had a fire place and in Winter my mum would clean out the coals from the day before. She would then take newspaper and screw it up together and put it at the bottom of the fire place. Then there would be a layer of wood and afterwards the coal. If it was good quality coal it would burn niceley, but the cheaper sort would tend to spit out of the fire and you had to be careful you did not get any sparks on your clothes. After about a hour the coal would glow and give out its heat. Now and again you had to add pieces of coal to keep it going. Yes they were the days. Now and again we had to have the chimney sweep to clean out the soot, otherwise it would begin to burn in the chimney, get very smokey and smell.

RDP Friday: Furnace

Good Morning

The only thing with a difference this morning was that there were a few sparse flocks of snow in the air. Perhaps you can see where they settled on the bird house but it was a short lived event. Probably just a warning of the shape of things to come.

I am still alone at home, Mr. Swiss being in the hospital, but the latest news is that he might be home on Monday. I have now had contact with the hospital and arrangements are being made. He will be brought home by the invalid transport and it will all be organised for me. I spoke to him on the phone and he seems to be returning to the normal world. He could have had a month’s recuperation in one of their holiday farms, but did not want to. He would rather be at home. We have an organisation called Spitex and they will be visiting and seeing how it goes when he is here. I can do quite a lot actually to help, but being a bit handicapped with mobility it will be a big help. They are coming to see us next week and to discuss what they can do and what I can do. At least I will have some support. The situation is something entirely new after 52 years of being together, but I have time. The therapist who called me said they will check the apartment to see if it will be OK, although this should be no problem. I had to have certain adjustments made for myself, and the shower is fitted with a seat and other helpful installations.

Otherwise not a lot new happening here at the moment.The birds are still flocking for food, and now since snow is in the air even more. At least I will not be having and angry or hungry birds here.

Today there will be a grocery delivery, I have already got the confirmation that everything will be delivered in 1-2 hours, meaning I have no reason to go anywhere for the next few days. And now I am off to deal with the usual chores. I wish you all a good day with no unnecessary stress.