RDP Friday: Grunge

I was in town this afternoon and heard music. No, not grunge, whatever it is. I walked towards where the sound was coming from and saw a full sized piano on the way with a piano player and he could play: nothing classic, just nice tunes. Of course if produced my camera and he immediately gave me a smile. I even took a second photo ane he smiled again, just for me.

Who needs grunge when you can enjoy something to brighten up a cold misty unfriendly afternoon in town.

RDP Friday: Grunge

Good Morning

Yesterday I awoke to a wonderful sunrise and today back to the normal misty morning where you can be glad to see the trees. Everthing is again shrouded in mist.

At least yesterday’s sunset compensated with a nice red glow in the sky. I was inside at the computer in the early evening and Mr. Swiss remarked on what a lovely colourful sky. Naturally I moved as quickly as my shaky legs would allow and fought my way to the outside. removing the chair that Mr. Swiss had parked in front of the window and there it was, although I had to stumble through the garden to get a good view.

Otherwise there was not a lot happening yesterday. The sparrows again gave a flight demonstration fluttering up and down now and again settling to make the most of the feast,

It seems that even the birds eat their fill as this morming was the first morning where I did not have to fill the food supply in the birdhouse completely.

The jay was a frequent visitor and I think the smaller birds are a little careful about getting too near when he is around.

So what shall we do today? It’s Friday and I have no big plans, but if the weather stays OK with no rain I think I might pop along to the local store, or even go into town. I should stock up on my wine for cooking. I am also slowly getting some Christmas food in my larder as I have no wish to do any panic buying at the last moment. I am absolutely not a fan of Christmas and all of its stress. Since more than a month the TV and radio have been reminding me of all the goodies I can organise. I do not celebrate this feast at all. We give no gifts and I do not decorate, although I still have a cellar of articles to make it look like Christmas. I think I even have a miniature plastic tree somewhere. Perhaps I might put it somewhere. It is even musical and plays a tune. I am just hoping that the snow stays away which is also something I do not need.

My son and I wanted to see if our garden refuse had been collected and I discovered it had been moved into the enclosure. I was a little annoyed thinking someone had done this and it would not be collected. It was then I met a neighbour and she told me that was the new system we have. The men that collect it would take it from the shelter and empty it. As it had not yet been collected, I decided this was not a bad solution and we no longer have to bother with organising. It would just be good when we would be informed.

And now to depart to deal with the daily chores. although nothing special. When my food delivery arrives from the store I will have a few items to put into the freezer. It is now only 09.15 a.m. so I have plenty of time to organise myself.