Good Morning

I am doing my best for a daily good morning welcome, but at the moment life is completely different. Being alone at home whilst Mr. Swiss is in hospital, I can manage OK. Yesterday I had an exhausting afternoon, just a little more than an hour, stripping the beds, cleaning them and putting new clean sheets and duvet covers on them. At least it occupied me. It seemed strange doing it for my husband when I do not even know when he will be coming home. I am very disappointed with the social side of our hospital.Medically he is getting the right treatment. He no longer has fever or temperature and now is the time for recuperation. I called him yesterday and he was now completely confused due to the talk he had with one of their social workers. All he wants is to come home and she nicely confused him about telling him of a holiday home for a month, somewhere miles away from here. My No. 2 son called the hospital and got the same story. Afterwards they would look for a permanent home for him. Mr. Swiss does not want this. My son told me that it our decision what happens and not the airy fairy ideas of the social work as we are the legal representatives. Personally no-one has called me or informed me of what is happening, They have my telephone number all the information they need, so imagine how I felt when she told my son that she is glad he called and now she has his contact details. We are all very annoyed and she has been told that she must call me with her ideas. I think all she wants to do is take Mr. Swiss name off the list as being dealt with and move on to another case. Luckily No. 2 son on is a bit of a legal eagle and knows what our rights are. It is clear that having MS is for me is a problem, but I can still walk and talk and think and am not yet suffering from dementia. Apart from that I have three good senior homes in walking distance from where I live and if Mr. Swiss needs such permanent care that would be a sensible ideal solution for him and me, but now I am waiting to see what happens.

So enough for my problems. Otherwise life is keeping the apartment in order and feeding myself and son No. 1, as well as the bird population outside.

Even they get thirsty after feeding on their bird seed. I am now off to deal with life and hope that you are all keeping well.