RDP Tuesday: Stigma

I have something against people who have a job to do and just park their overdimensonal vehicles with mega cranes in a place half on the road and half on the pavement. At first I was thrilled as I turned the corner to see this unique view and my first reaction was to take out my phone camera and fix the occasion on a photo. That cranne was really something different. I then continued to cross the road to reach the supermarket, but then there was a problem. This wonderful red truck with its combined crane was parked outside of the entrance, so how was I supposed to drive past it on my scooter (my stigma would be MS) with no room on the sidewalk. I had to drive on the road until I passed this hindrance risking death by being run over by another vehicle.that

Having overcome this monster, I turned to find a parking place for my scooter, but another problem existed. A thoughtless van driver was parked in front of the store. I could not see that he was there as the truck was obstructing my view. What did I do. I parked my scooter next to the van so close that he could not drive away. I entered the store and was expecting that an angry van driver would enter to find the owner of the scooter. I supose I was lucky because he was still there when I left half an hour later. This second stigmata of my afternoon was lucky, or I was lucky. How I hate these idiots that just throw their vans and trucks in any empty space, thinking they are the Kings of the road and parking spaces

RDP Tuesday: Stigma

Good Morning

Not perfect, but the rain has stopped and we might be getting a little sun during the day. I am hoping to escape this afternoon for a trip to the stores in town. Nothing urgent, but there are cigarettes to be organised for Mr. Swiss and I have a few frozen items to get that I cannot order online. My cleaning lady has already arrived and is busy in the kitchen. This is the one day in the week where I have my daily cleaning routine already behind me and can now relax and dither around on the computer.

Yesterday I was sitting in the kitchen and suddenly noticed the flutter of wings and the jay arrived. This time he did not eat the food on the ground, but decided to see what the bird house was offering. He is certainly a size bigger than the tits and sparrows, but managed to balance quite well. Of course he had it all for himself as the other birds decided he was a bird to avoid.

I managed to catch one of the tits in flight. It is always action time when it is feeding time.

As long as there is a place to perch, everyone is happy.

I decided to cook something a little different for yesterday’s lunch: one of our large sausages from the French part of Switzerland (a saucisson) with lentils and carrots. I also added a dash of white wine according to the recipe and in a hour it was cooked. It was very tasty, although Mr. Swiss found that it was OK, but not something I should cook every week.

Yesterday was a holiday in our Kanton in Switzerland. I thought it was completely Swiss, but it was only in the catholic Kantons. Although we would be Swiss Reform Church, according to Mr. Swiss family (I am not anything) we still get the holiday. Today everything back to normal. I am not keen on those holidays in between, they mix up my daily routine. I am already planning Christmas (not that I celebrate it with all the trimmings, just some good food), but my days of stress shopping are over. When you have a chest freezer, all problems are solved.

And now to move on. My cleaning lady has finished the kitchen so I can now start cooking. I always have a bad conscience when she cleans it so well and I made a mess afterwards with the cooking. Have a good day, or sleep well and take it easy. If you are bored you can always switch on the computer and blog it all. In the meanwhile the sun has arrived, so it can only get better.