RDP Monday: Whisker

I suppose there are whiskers and whiskers. Tabby was quite proud of hers.

Nera her litter sister also had a good bunch of whiskers.

And then there was Fluffy, our little blind Selkirk Rex. He had no whiskers, proving that a cat does not need the whiskers. Selkirk Rex are a special breed with curly fur and yes, curly whiskers. The problem is that they are so curly and brittle that they break off often, but that did not bother Fluffy. Even being blind was no problem. He found his food and his sleeping place and even managed to escape now and again, although that was not so good. Otherwise Mr. Swiss would go for a walk with him on the lead, or we would attach the expandable lead to a pole in the garden to give him space for exercise.

RDP Monday: Whisker

Good Morning

Yes, I have returned after an absence of a few days. I am still trying to discover why I was not so well, but have only suspicions at the moment. I will be calling my doctor, but at the moment she is not available. I went to the doctor last Tuesday for my very first flu jab, thinking it would now be a good idea as I am now a golden oldie and should be more careful with my health. The doctor’s nurse does the jabs, and she is no problem. I jab myself every second day with my MS injections, and it is no artistic feat. She told me I might have some mild symptoms afterwards, but no big deal. A day later I had a sore throat and the cough began. It progressed to a general feeling of being sick. A day later I had fever and only on Sunday did I again feel like a human being. I am sure what I was suffering was an actual attack of flu, but perhaps not so strong as a real 100% flu. I was not even able to look at the computer, I felt so bad and spent most of the time nursing my bed, just dragging myself to the kitchen to cook something for the family. I did not really feel like eating very much myself.

I managed to take a few photos of the outside world yesterday from my window. In between I was still making sure that my local bird population were not starving and filled up their supplies once a day. It seems they are now getting a little impatient with their food rations and did I see them fighing for their seeds? The bird of the left was being atacked and falling from the table or perhaps it just lost its balance

I have been on the telephone in the meanwhile trying to organise our booster for Kovid, but it seems to be a thing of the impossible. I would have to travel by train to a village to get my booster, and the vaccination bus is no longer travelling in the villages, although they did not come anywhere near our village. The lady on the telephone got a little stressed with me and was glad to get rid of me I think. I have now contacted my doctor and she is searching for a solution for me. I feel like a second class person slowly. I just live in the wrong village, and this at a time when the cases are increasing everywhere.

As you an see our Jay is still visting regularly in my garden and taking a pick at the food in the bird house, which is actually meant for the smaller types. However, it is not an agressive bird like a magpie or crow and leave the other birds to do their own thing, although it impresses with its size of course.

In the meanwhile I managed to contact my doc and she said it is possible after the flue jab, that I could get a light touch of the flu, although I did not find it so light. She will also be searching for a problem for my Covid jab and will be calling back. And now I should really go. I wanted a few minutes for a blog, but spent more time on the phone dealing with Kovid jabs and doctors. Keep safe everyone. At last I seem to be leading a normal life again.