FOTD 7th November 2021: Rose

What better as a flower of the day as a rose, after all today it is Cee’s birthday. She is the person that gives so much time to ensure that we can show our flowers of the day. I have learned so much from this site: the names of the flowers, when they flower and can so much appreciate their beauty. A big thankyou to Cee and for all the work she invests in it.

FOTD 7th November 2021; Rose

Good Morning

It is a misty one today. Yesterday was sunshine and today we are paying for it with the mist everywhere, but there is a bright spot on the horizon and it will also be a sunny one I am sure. I was busy at home with various chores: uploading photos and then it was chilli con carne for the evening meal.

I suppose everyone has their own style of creating the dish, but this is mine: lots of peppers in various colours, some broad and Indian beans and somewhere in this mixture is one of those hot red chilli peppers to had the wow to it all. Many eat it with rice, but that is too much for us. I always got fresh bread to go with it, but since discovering the benefits of self baked bread, I now make an Italian ciabatta to eat with it. It is quick and easy to make and suits it perfectly.

I spotted a green finch on the bird house with the sparrows yesterday. Everyone was munching happily at the seed ration and no-one seemed to mind another species at the table.

The jay is now becoming a regular visitor at the bird feasts. Here he had perched on the water bowl.

Actually he perches everywhere where food is available. He us also learning a few acrobatic tricks to get to the tasty mixtures.

And here he is flying off to digest his meal.

The magpie is also discovering various new places to dine. Yes, Alfred Hitchcock sends his greetings (Film: the Birds).

Naturally this bird paradise raised some interest in the local feline Joux-Joux who was patiently waiting until a bird got close enough for an extra meal, although luckily this did not happen. I suppose you can always lay in waiting and hope.

And now I am off to complete my morning chores, although Sunday is not such stress. I will be making a Swiss Apple flan somewhere along the way. I still have more than a hundred apples to use. It is too cold for a journey to the unknown at the moment. Yesterday I spent some time rearranging my cupboards in the kitchen. I pack everything in plastic transparent boxes which are ideal for keeping the food fresh. I have now made more space. One of the advantages of being a golden oldie is to have time for such exercises.

Have a good Sunday, day of rest and all that jazz, although as a housewife I will be housewifing through the morning. See you around