FOTD 16th November 2021: Dandelion

If you want to show the flower of the day and have none, because the flower seson is finished and it is Autumn, you make the most of what you have. Unfortunately this is all I have at the moment. Wheeling along the path at the side of the railway tracks I saw this lonely dandelion seed head hoping to survive to spread its seeds for the next year. At least I took a photo of its last days.

FOTD 16th November 2021: Dandelion

9 thoughts on “FOTD 16th November 2021: Dandelion

  1. Is dandelion grown as a vegetable there? It is such a weed here that I never bothered to grow it. Besides, not many like the flavor. It is almost never available from the supermarket.

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  2. Last weekend I pulled out a GIANT dandelion under my bench, completely on stones but the tiniest teeny weeny space between the blocks – and that’s where that ‘Söiblueme’ decided to grow, w/o water, no sun, no love – but strong like an ox. So strong I could pull it out, I just broke it off above the ground – it will grow again, even stronger – next spring

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