RDP Wednesday: Spangle

This looks very spangly. It was part of an exhibition from various artists in our town. There were various objects shown is different places. This was on a path from one of our bridges and was patchwork similar.

My actual memory of a spangle is a sweet that was sold when I was a kid. They were known as spangles and were square boiled sweets in various colours, not very good for the teeth, but we kids knew nothing about that, we just enjoyed crunching them.

RDP Wednesday: Spangle

Good Morning

A bit early for the sun, but I am sure it is on its way. There is also some mist hanging around. Temperatures are falling. Not yet minus Centrigade, but on its way. Now comes the time when I no longer make so many excursionns into the outside world. Yesterday I had a small taste as I had to go to the doc for my flu jab. It was a cold journey to get there and I did not have my gloves. Even speeding along at a mere 11 kph on my scooter is enough to freeze your hands. It was just a minute work at the doc: one short jab with the needle and the job was done.

It is still very Autumn in town and the trees are slowly going naked dropping their leaves and making a wonderful carpet of brown. People are becoming fewer and are probably avoiding the cold weather. Some are still sitting at roadside cafés wrapped in their Winter jacket, but I would prefer to drink my coffee in a cofortable warm surrounding.

I was in a different part of town to visit the doc where it is a little more modern, although not buildings from the past few years, 50 years etc. Most have been kept in order. The arch style is are sort of Bernese tradition. Our Kanton of Solothurn is next to Bern so we are influenced by their architecture.

There are also a few narrow streets in the area where traffic is not allowed.

I took the river path home.

The restaurant mile was still there, but not so crowded as in Summer.

I decided to make my way home after seeing the doc. I had a surprise visit from No. 2 son. He was working in the office this week which is quite near to the town where we live. It is always good to see him.

And I will now make my way to the daily chores – but not so many, just the normal tidy up of the apartment. I also have some tidying to do in the garden with a few piles of leaves I should deposit in the container. They will be collected next week. Autumn is a good time of the year with its colours, but there is also a shadow side of work to gather its debris. Have a good day everyone – or sleep well according to where you are.