Good Morning

We had a nice sunny begimimg to the day but it was only an introduction. The sun disappeared, the clouds arrived and now a few hours later, the sun has arrived again. My cleaning lady was here and has now finished, so everything back to normal. My grocery delivery also arrived so I am set for the week’s food. Lunch is already cooking.

Today I have chickpeas with sliced pork. I did it a bit chinese style, but not genuine, just added soya sauce to the mixture. I really must organise some fresh ginger for such dishes.

And now for the remainder of the morning.

The sparrows have been and gone. Did I see a green finch amongst the sparrows. He appears quite often: always on his own, but it does not seem to bother the other birds. I suppose food speaks all languages.

Of course our jay called in again. I really admire his twists and turns to get the selected seeds.

This afternoon I am off to town for Mr. Swiss cigarettes and to get my flu jab. After potting up my orchid that had been growing on the stem of another orchid I discovered I had no clips to fix the flower stalks so I was busy ordering some from my online orchid store. I really seem to live an online life and stores are becoming superfluous. My supermarket chain where I buy almost everything has now decided to sell alcohol. It was founded many years ago by a guy that was a teetotaler, but today it is a bit old fashioned and they are voted to join in with the sales of alcohol. I myself are almost teetotal, but do like to spice up the cooking with wine, meaning I can now order this online from my store and no longer have to go into town to buy my wine. I never get anything special or expensive, just something to add to the cooking process.

And now I am off, the kitchen is calling. Have a good one and avoid the daily stress where you can.