FOTD 8th November 2021: Orchid

If you do not have a flower, you have to find one. I found this orchid growing on the stem of another orchid. It had produced roots and now even two flower stalks. I waited for at least half a year, but was now having problems of what to do with this new growing plant. Today I did it, I decapitated it from its stem and planted it with its many new roots and two new flower stalks in a new pot. There is even a new flower stalk appearing. I am now hoping that this will bcome a new orchid. There is also a second orchid in my collection doing the same thing.

FOTD ith November 2021: Orchid

Good Morning

And what a wonderful mornng it is. The sun is rising, clouds are wafting along as if to get out of the way of disturbing the sun’s path and I am witnessing it all. OK, I was still a bit dreary from hugging the bed, but this has now awoken me and made me realise that another day is dawning. The week-end is over, but golden oldies have week-ends every day – almost. I was thinking about going into town this afternoon as it is market day, but changed my mind. I want to bake the daily bread, and will be off tomorrow to the doc for my flu jab. No good having too much stress.

One of my neighbours is already raking the Autumn leaves and I am feeling worn out just watching. I suppose that is a disadvantage of Autumn. It is good to marvel at the Autumn colours, but the result is the Autumn work of raking the colours together when they fall from the trees.

I decided to bake a Swiss apple tart yesterday. I still have two baskets full of apples and should use them. No. 1 son helps himself daily to an apple a day. I do not eat so much fruit, but prefer to bake a pie with them.

I thought a robin was perched on my insect hotel in the garden, but then realised it was just the reflection that made it look like a red breast and it was actually a green finch.

Although a robin dis arrive. It is approachingWinter and the robin season. Our robins are more associated with the colder seasons of the year. Our Christmas cards often have robins on them in a snowy landscape originating from the Victorian days of the first Chrstmas cards.

It was quite busy at the bird house yesterday. Now and again a blue tit would arrive, but it seems here the sparrows have also taken over. One is just preparng to make a landing.

And now I will make a landing in my home for the daily housewife chores. If I did not have then life would be boring. I have collected the luch meat already from the freezer and it is slowly de-freezing. Mr. Swiss has now appeared in the background meaning he has arisen and made our beds – I hope.

Have a good beginning to the week and may it be a good one.