RDP Monday: Sizzle

I had to go back a few years to find a sizzling photo. This is 2007 when we had one of our evening grill evenings at the village first aid group. Everyone brought their own meat, so it was a bit of a mixture. We have families living on our estate that seems to eat only grilled meat during the summer, so we all get a whiff of what they are cooking.

I thought that grilling was a man’s work, so I welcomed our first grill food. However, I soon discovered that the men in my life did not grill but just gave out the instructions. After scraping the fat and burnt remains from the grill when we were fiished on our grilling Sundays, I decided that sizzling food was not my idea of fun. Luckily we had a small electric amateur gill and nothing with burning coals. Needless to say after a couple of months of not being used it was relegated to the cellar and at some time since 2007 it disappeared and has never been seen again.

RDP Monday: Sizzle

13 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Sizzle

  1. When our kids were little, it was such a treat for my husband to grill hotdogs and hamburgers for them–no mess in my kitchen! But now with just the two of us–and me a vegetarian–he has decided it is not worth the trouble. So the grill sits outside, unused.

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  2. We haven’t had a grill in a few years. We tried using a hibachi, but by the time you get the coals the right temperature, it makes dinner take a ridiculously long time and frankly, I don’t think the quality is good enough to justify the amount of time and effort involved. Garry doesn’t grill — and Owen over cooks (and chars) everything. I know I’m supposed to love it and I wish I did. I do love the smell of other people torching their food. As long as it isn’t my food.

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    • Same here. I have never enjoyed grilling and my family does not grill. In Summer It seems to me that everyone grills. I see them everywhere outside and smell them, even on balconies. It’s a messy business afterwards, for me as no one helps to clean it.


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