FOWC with Fandango: Radical

HESO 2018 29.09 (9)

What could be more radical than a 72 year old golden oldie who travels by wheelchair since a year, with a camera to take photos almost daily. Not quite every day, it depends on the weather and rain does not mix with wheelchairs, at least not with mine. I like to have something to do. Reading the newspaper and watching TV is not my thing. I make an exception for a British television soap which is based on the East End of London, where my origins are, I also like a good cookery programme, but otherwise I get my news online on my iPad where I can combine it all with other useful stuff. Mr. Swiss likes to keep up with the political developments and I get a lot from him.

At the moment I am typing on my Apple Macbook in the living room whilst Mr. Swiss is watching one of his German soaps. It is Sunday early evening and there is a storm outside. I am now writing my third computer prompt of the afternoon. I also have regular challenges with photos that I like to do. Every morning I write a Good Morning blog, about this and that. I get up, prepare breakfast, fire up the computer and write. There are times when I really do not have a clue what I want to write, but somehow I find something.

I do not really want a planned life, things happen. When you no longer can do things you used to, you have to find another way, and I have found it. I do not have to do what I do but I want to. I have discovered the joy of writing, of photography and of nature. I am surrounded by trees, farms, and a river even runs through it and I like to explore and discover. I enjoy every moment of my day, no matter what I do. Even shopping can be an adventure, just look on the positive side of it. And there is always a book to read somewhere, on my Kindle. If it is electronic and cyber I am interested, and as long as the interest is there, I am OK with it.

I am lucky, how long I can do what I do I do not know, but life takes care of itself. It might be radical, but it is fun.

FOWC with Fandango: Radical

Daily Prompt: The Radical solution

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 12.09 (9)
If you ever, by chance, happen to drive through the town of Solothurn in Switzerland, we have a radical solution for not taking the wrong turning to where you want to go. There are signposts everywhere I happened to snap a photo of this one  by chance, but most of my photos are chance photos today. I do not get around as much as I used to and I really miss taking photos, so I have a new radical system. Mr. Swiss drives the car, I sit next to him and with my new DSLR compact Nikon D3300 camera I shoot pictures on the way. There is no method to my photographic photo seletion. I just press the button and the photo arrives. We were at the beginning of the city limits and I noticed that the first tents had been erected for our annual Autumn fair in October, so I took a shot. I got the tent, but also the signpost in front of the tent.

This is already an extension to my radicalisation of photography. The green sign shows that the motorway to Zürich, Bern, Basel amd Luzern as not far away, although it does not tell you that it takes at least an hour to get to these places, depending on the amount of trafic on the highway. Bern is the nearest and if you are lucky you can do it in 30-40 minutes. We also have many hotels, so you can stay the night in solothurn if you do not want to explore the unknown motorways of switzerland. The blue sign also shows roads, but these are the scenic routes, which are much more interesting if you want to savour the Swiss scenery.  Not as radical as the motorway, but fun. If you lose your way you can ask one of the villagers which way to go and get into conversation with the local population, although they probably will not understand you. They radially speak Swiss german in about 4-5 variaations according to which village they originate.

Only this morning I made a radical decision.I now have a new camera for road pictures, a macro lens for insect and detailed photos, but something is, or was missing. One of those teleobjectives would be nice, but they are expensive and big, heavy, huge. It was wishful thinking as I found the newest development of the Nikon family in internet. Mr. Swiss found I should really get myself one and discovered that today, and only today, they were offering my  choice of the size 300 lens with 10% reduction, making a difference of about 200 Swiss francs. It was being offered by a local chain store for cameras and so why not. I phoned the store and it seems all they needed was the special token which I could print from the computer and payment. They would organise the lens to be picked up tomorrow. I will get a telephone message when it arrives  so what could be better. The size and weight is also right. These days they have radically improved on the sizes of the bigger lens.

In the meanwhile I will continue to shoot from the car on our morning shopping expeditions, but with the normal lens. I do not need long distance for my daily radical photography safaris. They are planned for a walk in the surroundings. I no longer have to walk so far as everything will be nearer. Yes, a raidical solution.

Daily Prompt: The Radical solution