RDP Wednesday: Colour

October Market Day 08.10 (12)

I took the photo of this colourful chicken at the local market this week. And the word colour I spell with a “u” after the “o” being a Brit. I grew up that way.

What would the world be without colour? Probably quite boring for most of us, if you actually see colour as it is. Some of us might even be colour blind, mostly the men, but they are blind to a lot of things according to the women.  I suppose men are more into shapes and sizes. Ask your male partner which colour you should choose for your new dress. The answer is “it’s up to you, all colours are quite nice”, but perhaps he is looking at other details which please him better.

My dad was colour blind and if you asked him to give you the green box it will probably be a blue box when it arrives, if you are not colour blind as well. If a man is colourblind and has a son, the son will probably also be colour blind. If he has a daughter you might think the colour blind curse has been avoided, but unfortunately not. My youngest is colourblind. His dad is not colour blind, but my dad was and the gene continues into the next generation through the females.

So do not worry No. 2 son, it is not your fault if you wore a green sock and blue sock when you were a kid, just blame it on grandad and me.

Does this mean that a girl will never be colour blind? I asked that question once and was told that if the mother’s father is colourblind and the father also, and they have a daughter, then she will be colour blind. My No. 2 son did have a few problems with driving the car, but he eventually noticed that the red light was a different shade to the green one, but if he actually saw the colour I am not sure.

HESO 25.09 (5)

Being a very amateur photographer I love taking photos of colours. When I came across this display at the local Autumn fair I was fascinated by the diversity of the various colours and this was only kitchen equipment.

So what is your favourite colour? I always pick blue because it suits my blue eyes, but are they really blue? Colours are a reflection of the light apparently. I remember dissecting a cow’s eye in biology at school and the back of the eye was showing all colours of the rainbow, although apparently a cow only sees his 50 shades of grey. A human eye has a grey background, and we see colours.  No I am not an expert, just a few facts I picked up in my 72 years of golden oldiism.

Anyhow that is my story and I am sticking to it, until someone reads this and tells me what I got wrong. Nobody is perfect.

Chantier Solothurn (8)

RDP Wednesday: Colour

8 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Colour

  1. Terry isn’t really color blind, but he is color-challenged. Some greens seem brown to him, some blues seem green. Yet he always manages to pick the right thing, sometimes with a little guidance from me. I’m not aware that any of my kids are colorblind. I absolutely love it that the human eye is not restricted in the way we see color.

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    • I think it is all a matter of handing down the gen that causes the colour blindness. There is a test with various numbers in colour on a background and my No. 2 son failed that completely. Either he did not see the number or said the wrong number. Actually it all came out on a test at school, but you get used to it.

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    • My no. 2 son has it stronger than the rest, but he compensates quite well and has it under control. I have a problem naming colours and sorting them, especially the blues, turquoise and greens.


  2. Women are rarely color-blind, That’s probably why we are SO good at seeing all the blotches in our skin and how our hair is really 12 colors, not one. And realizing that this navy top doesn’t match those navy bottoms.

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    • My hair is grey, but at the edges in the back of my head, it is still dark. My hands have a few brown spots now, but I am one of those people that go brown in the sun and now have a wheelchair sun tan


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