RDP Sunday: Colour

Impressions of September monthly market in Solothurn

How many different colours can you see? There are so many you cannot count them all. Now my dad would probably see only half of the colours because he would have difficulty to sort out the browns from the greens, perhaps even a red might be confusing. Yes, he was colour blind. My mum would have to take a good look before he went anywhere, just to make sure that his feet were both wearing the same coloured socks. Perhaps he might have a brown sock on the right foot and a green one on the left.

And now let us turn the clock forward. My youngest son was a teenager and had a sight test at school. It was then that they discovered he needed glasses. No big problem, many need glasses. Mr. Swiss had glasses when I met him. My glasses came later in life due to a computer most probably. At school they were very thorough with sight tests and so my son was given the dotted pictures in various colours where numbers were shown: perhaps there was a 5 in pink dots with a brown background of dots and No. 2 son had to recognise the number. Sometimes he saw a shape and sometimes he saw nothing. In other words it was proven that he was completely colour blind  – history repeats itself. Now and again he would also be dressed for school and I had to inspect his feet to make sure that they matched in sock colour.

His dad was not colour blind and I was not colour blind, but my dad was colour blind. Now it was all my fault that No. 2 son could not see the difference when choosing the socks to wear. I base it on socks, because they always arrive in pairs – if they are the same colour. I was a carrier of the gene.  My colour blind son passed the driving test and I asked how he could see if the traffic lights were red, yellow or green. He said quite easy, they have different shades (note shades, not colours).

Now we have to go into the details of the problem. Women are rarely colour blind, although it can happen but daughters from a father can carry the colour blind gene and I was a carrier, so No. 2 son was colour blind. He has now become a father to a son, so I am wondering how this will turn out.

I asked how does a woman become colour blind, it is possible. She must be the daughter of a father that is colour blind and a mother that is a carrier, like myself- Yes life’s colours can be complicated. Apparently animal eyes are not even capable of seeing colours. My cat says who cares, If it moves and smells good, then eat it. Colours make no difference, they don’t smell or have a particular taste.

RDP Sunday: Colour

RDP Wednesday: Colour

October Market Day 08.10 (12)

I took the photo of this colourful chicken at the local market this week. And the word colour I spell with a “u” after the “o” being a Brit. I grew up that way.

What would the world be without colour? Probably quite boring for most of us, if you actually see colour as it is. Some of us might even be colour blind, mostly the men, but they are blind to a lot of things according to the women.  I suppose men are more into shapes and sizes. Ask your male partner which colour you should choose for your new dress. The answer is “it’s up to you, all colours are quite nice”, but perhaps he is looking at other details which please him better.

My dad was colour blind and if you asked him to give you the green box it will probably be a blue box when it arrives, if you are not colour blind as well. If a man is colourblind and has a son, the son will probably also be colour blind. If he has a daughter you might think the colour blind curse has been avoided, but unfortunately not. My youngest is colourblind. His dad is not colour blind, but my dad was and the gene continues into the next generation through the females.

So do not worry No. 2 son, it is not your fault if you wore a green sock and blue sock when you were a kid, just blame it on grandad and me.

Does this mean that a girl will never be colour blind? I asked that question once and was told that if the mother’s father is colourblind and the father also, and they have a daughter, then she will be colour blind. My No. 2 son did have a few problems with driving the car, but he eventually noticed that the red light was a different shade to the green one, but if he actually saw the colour I am not sure.

HESO 25.09 (5)

Being a very amateur photographer I love taking photos of colours. When I came across this display at the local Autumn fair I was fascinated by the diversity of the various colours and this was only kitchen equipment.

So what is your favourite colour? I always pick blue because it suits my blue eyes, but are they really blue? Colours are a reflection of the light apparently. I remember dissecting a cow’s eye in biology at school and the back of the eye was showing all colours of the rainbow, although apparently a cow only sees his 50 shades of grey. A human eye has a grey background, and we see colours.  No I am not an expert, just a few facts I picked up in my 72 years of golden oldiism.

Anyhow that is my story and I am sticking to it, until someone reads this and tells me what I got wrong. Nobody is perfect.

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RDP Wednesday: Colour