Daily Inkling: The Wind and the Sail

River Aare 12.08 (2)

A wonderful sunny day on the local river. The group decided to hook their rafts together and float along where the river would carry them. The idea arrived the evening before during the party. The wine was flowing and it was a long night. They eventually decided to sleep at Joe’s place on the floor. The sun came shining through mid morning. Someone had the idea to take their inflatable rafts to the local river.

They were sleep starved but this did not matter: relaxing on the river in the sun was the best way to recover. Perhaps they should not have taken the bottles with them with the wine remainders, but they were still thirsty from the night before. During the morning a strong breeze developed. Fred had hung his shirt on a pole to act as a sail, and everyone thought it was funny.

And so they drifted along the river and were sleeping until they were awoken by the horn of an ocean liner.

Daily Inkling: The Wind and the Sail

FOWC with Fandango: Drawer


Let me introduce you to the drawers in my No. 1 son’s furniture. These are the two bottom drawers, but there are another two exactly the same. He is autistic and his world is music: mainly of the sixties and seventies. He began with the Beatles and Stones, followed up with Pink Floyd etc. etc. how they were all called.

When the furniture was bought, the drawers were a special execution in size to fit the CD collection. He has thousands, complete collections. Now and again even mum (me) borrows one. If he is not at home I am allowed to take it. When he returns he knows exactly which album is missing. It is uncanny how he has his organisation. He also has two shelves of LP records. The modern day and age of IPods etc. does not interest him, although he does now have a collection of various DVD’s with music items.

One day he might start his own radio station, who knows. I do not know every record he has, but he does, even who was playing on each track and the recording years. He still visits the monthly market where there is a guy with records to search for something new in the collection. He still finds one or two CD’s that he does not have, which is a wonder, because I have the feeling he has everything.

FOWC with Fandango: Drawer

RDP Monday: Lustre

Feldbrunnen to Solothurn 07.02 (2)

Soft lights in the car park
illuminating walls and posters
and ticket machines
guiding the way up and down
Shadows of lustre
a humming motor enters
bathing all in a garish light
Others leave
And then peace again
I bid farewell and leave my car
to absorb the  lustres of illuminations
Afterwards the car park sleeps again

RDP Monday: Lustre

Good Morning

Morning Sky

The the first time since summer I can truly say it is cold. Others felt the cold for some time, but Mr. Swiss tells me I have a strange body temperature as when everyone walks around in long sleeves and warm socks, I am still bare footed in my shoes and wearing a t-shirt. Even I have my limits, and now is time for a semi winter jacket outside and perhaps socks. I am still thinking about the socks. I feel uncomfortable when my feet are covered and never wear them indoors all througout the year.

Yesterday I was too lazy to go anywhere and stayed at home, but made myself useful.

Swiss Apple Flan

This time I made the Swiss apple tart. It has been a long while, as it has become a Mr. Swiss thing, but I had the time and the apples, almost too many. I can still do it and everyone found it was a good one. I must admit I used more apples than Mr. Swiss. I quite enjoyed the experience and will do it again. There is still a corner left, but that will be eaten today at some time I am sure.

Autumn Trees 20.10 (4)

So what do you do when you do not go anywhere and stay at home. I finished my inventory of the kitchen, noting everything we have in the cupboards. I discovered lately that if you do not know what you have, you buy unnecessary stuff because you already actually have it. I also registered my packets of pasta. This might sound  bit silly, but when you have a cupboard full of half empty packets, you have to use them up somehow. And when you go shopping and buy more, you no longer have room.


I mean this is really too much of a good thing. The packets are sold in sizes of 500 grammes, and that is just a little too much for a meal for three people, although my No. 1 son eats everything that is on the table. We are really living a life of luxury when I see what we have for a choice. I have decided to get some structure in my shopping and today we will have Fusilli. I can use the complete half packet that we have. It might sound silly, but being a golden oldie I have the time and probably nothing better to do. It hit me last week when I threw two packets of ham  away because it was long over the best before date. I have one and a half packets of Alpler Magrone pasta which I got as a free sample from the supermarket, and which we never eat. I am the only one in the family that actually eats cheese with anything.

I am also keeping an eye on the biscuits. Since I do the shopping on my own, I now have a better control and no-one adds something in the trolley which I only discover at the cash desk.


The photo is of my kalenchoe which spent the summer outside. Kalenchoe are very pretty when they flower and are easy to care for, but after they flower they begin to spread. I have had this one for a year, hoping it might flower again. It only needs water once a week. I think it lives of love and air.

And now to move on. They are letting me out today for a shopping trip. My list is already made, so what could possibly go wrong. I will not be going places today, but hope to get a few photos to and fro to the supermarket on the road. Have a good begin to the week and remember to check your stocks in the kitchen cupboard, you might get a surprise.

Special Flowers 20.10.2018