Daily Inkling: Past Your Bedtime

Which type of scary story do you prefer: realistic or unrealistic? What fears do you think drive your imagination towards one or the other?


One of my earlier photos standing in one of my favourite places. Scared, who me? Not really, it is all in the mind. Now and again a skeletal hand pokes through the snow, but I only notice it when I hear a scream if I tread on it. I still have my long black coat which I love to wear upon graveyard visits, makes for a good effect.

I have promised myself to take a wheelie in my chair at the graveyard on 1st November, it seems to be time for action, All Souls Day and all that.

I read when I have time, which is usually before I go to bed. Give me a ghost, ghoul or vampire story and I am happy. Of course I do read other literature, but the scary stuff always has a happy end as the main characters are already dead, so what could possibly happen.

Cemetery Solothurn 20.05 (6)

Daily Inkling: Past Your Bedtime

FOWC with Fandango: Adorable


Today the weather changed: the first rain since about 6 weeks, it is cold and unfriendly. I saw the birds sitting in the trees opposite, their wet feathers clinging together, at least I thought so. I made a decision. It will soon be Novemeber and natural bird food will become scarce. And so I organised No. 1 son to go to the cellar and fetch my wonderful designer birdhouse.

I was convinced the birds would be happy and clap their wings. I even found an almost full packet of food in the garden cupboard and those seed pods you can hang onto the house. The scene was set, and I was sure after my midday sleep I would find the birdhouse full of lovable hungry birds pecking away to their heart’s delight.

Instead I discovered a bird house on its own standing in the rain and still waiting for the first customer. I must admit last year I did have the fattest, most well fed birds in the area and perhaps they have decided this year to go on a diet. I am sure some fell off the branches of the trees due to balance problems because of  overweight.

Mr. Swiss said wait and see, they will soon arrive. The scene is set in front of the window and my camera is posed for the first photos. I even saw the first tits this morning with their yellow breasts sitting in the trees. It was probably only an advance patrol to see how it looked.

Various birds in birdhouse 16.11 (3)

FOWC with Fandango: Adorable

RDP Saturday: Drench

Rain Solothurn 17.05 (3)

I am drenched with boredom, misery and damp
The streets are darkening, I need a lamp
We had no rain for sixty days,
Parched soil and thirst, intensive sun’s rays
They talk of climate change, or is it a phase
The world is getting older, and changing its ways
Now the rain is falling and does not want to stop
Everything is wet from the incessant raindrop
Cats are meowing and the dogs give a bark
I see an old man who is building an ark
I no longer wear shoes, but Wellington boots
The streets are empty, through pavement poke roots
The local park lawn has mushrooms galore
Lianas are creeping, I hear a lion roar
The climate is changing, I am soaked to the skin
The water is rising, how can I win
Then I awake it was all a bad dream
But outside still raining, our street is a stream
Is this a warning to stop playing god
A fish waves its tail at me, it has lungs and is odd
We are evolving, going backwards in time
Climate change is with us, no longer a rhyme

RDP Saturday: Drench

Good Morning

Rain clouds

It’s raining. After at least six weeks we have rain again, just a steady drizzle. I do not think it will stay all day, but it is a beginning. The cloudy sky is already losing its darkness so it may brighten up during the day. I hope so, as I was thinking about a short wheelie this afternoon.

Mr. Swiss will make a short excursion to the store this morning, although we are covered for the weekend for food. Today is the day when we fetch our birdhouse from the cellar, at least my No. 1 son will. The weather is getting colder and I notice the sparrows and magpies, and the crows of course, are always visiting at dawn to see if there is anything on offer. I gave them some chopped bread in the morning, although those that are experts say it is not the best for the birds. My mum did it when I was a kid and the birds are still thriving.


It looks like the Autumn leaves are also catching up in our area and the trees are changing their colours. And that is all I have to say this morning. I must lead a boring life in between. At the moment Mr. Swiss has lost the shopping list on his iPhone, which the only exciting news I have at the moment.