FOWC with Fandango: Hardware


I clank when I walk, I scrape and squeak
I am the bionic woman, I must be a freak
I have metal screws in bones to hold them together
Imagine how it is when we get damp weather
Perhaps they are rusting, no it is all Swiss steel
At the airport there is an alarm, they think I am there to kill
It is modern surgery that keeps my body complete
The bones are screwed together, not sure about the meat
In my arm I have fifteen screws and two in my knees
They removed the wire in my elbow: a metal striptease
They found a screw on the floor, what had I done to abuse
It is a hardware problem, I really have a screw loose

FOWC with Fandango: Hardware

RDP Tuesday: Contrast

Harley Davidson HESO Tag 30.09 (17)

Who would have thought it, Casanova once slept in this house
Horses trotted past, Lady Von Roll probably his spouse
He probably did not sleep, had other things to do
And the Lady Von Roll probably did them too
If he lived here today,, he would get a great surprise
People sitting on the steps, Harley Davidsons were the guys
A stage coach then passed through with the clipity clop of hooves
Something completely different no-one to disapprove
And now we heard brum brum, the bikes were on their way
I think it was a good thing that Casanova did not stay
But his ghost still haunts the street, only during the night
Casanova slept at daytime, his spirit was so white
What was that we heard, Casanova did not lack
Biking on the cobblestones with Lady Von Roll on the back
Even ghosts are looking on to see what was the blast
the lady held on tight, this was a new contrast
One of the Harley missed his machine, he found it in the gloom
was at the local cemetery, resting on a tomb

RDP Tuesday: Contrast

Good Morning


A little late, but I am here. It is cleaning lady day, but she arrived a little later because he car battery gave up. I also have the gardeners who are refurbishing my garden, so it is a bit of a stress morning. My No. 1 son is still in bed celebrating his week’s holiday: too much excitement for a golden oldie like me sometimes.

Back Garden

And here are the two gardeners.  They will be here daily until Friday, when the job should  be finished.

New Back Garden

They have cleared most of the beds already, just leave my apple trees and now they are beginning to remove my lawn. Of course I had to say goodbye to my wonderful rosemary which we growing into a tree, but the good stuff they have removed and put to one side to replant again afterwards. They have also collected my apples and I have them in a basket now.


I am sure my No. 1 son will be pleased as I told him he could collect them this week, but the gardeners have now done it for him. These are not all the apples, I have another bowl full on the table. Someone will be busy making apple tarts this week.

It is quite cool outside, but the sun is slowly arriving.  Mr. Swiss has gone into town for a few bits and pieces and I will now begin to cook lunch.

Removing the lawn

Isn’t it wonderful when you can just watch the others working? The lawn is now being removed piece by piece.

I will now go, just a quick one this morning. Have a good day everyone and have fun if possible, otherwise make the most of it.