Good Morning

Morning Mist

Not very spectacular for a morning sunrise, but the mist has gathered and makes everything a bit blurred. It is now Autumn and the mornings are a little damp, although still no rain. It must be at least a month since we had some water falling down. I am still watering my garden, and now a little more as the gardener has planted a lot of new stuff and said I should make sure it does not dehydrate.


I was please to discover that one of my new plants managed to produce a flower. I discussed the flowers I wanted in my new beds and many suggestions were made, but to be quite honest I cannot remember half of the plants we decided on. I was more into colour of the flowers, but somehow we decided on a carnation as a filler here and there and  I already have the first flowers. This is a little unusual perhaps for Autumn, but our Autumn still has a touch of late summer with it.

Yesterday I discovered one of those larger sized beetles crawling up the bedroom wall. We now and again get a few odds and ends from the garden as each room in my apartment has a window, but there are certain insects that should stay outside, including beetles. i had to engage the help of Mr. Swiss who spent some time examining how to transport it outside without injuring it. I think he did it with some paper but said it was difficult not to harm it on the way. Yes, we have an insect survival station in our home altough I draw the line with flies and moths,

Flies are quite easy at the moment. They are now getting lazy and as soon as they sit the last thing they see in their short life is a swatter. During the summer I kept them away with mint plants positioned in strategic places in the apartment, but the mint plants are no longer available, so I have reverted to execution with a swatter.

Wolf's Bane 08.10.2018

I noticed the wolf’s bane in my neighbour’s garden is now flowering: also one of the last before nature’s flowers close for the summer. She has had it many years and it returns annually. It is a plant to look at, but not to touch. It is very poisonous and I am glad my cat Tabby avoids it.

Tabby A 08.10 (1)

Tabby has a new hobby at the moment. When I had my new garden with the raised beds, she was suspicious at the beginning. She has now discovered that raised beds are the ideal lookout post for a feline and she has now taken them over. Either she sits on the top defying everyone to approach or might even decide to have a sleep on it. I was worried about climbing up and down at the beginning, but cats are so clever. Jumping up is no problem and when she descends it is fascinating to watch. She stretches a paw onto the wall for support and makes a graceful landing at the bottom. Not bad for a 16 year old feline. I wish I could be so fit in my golden oldie years. I have problems descending from the bed in the morning.

And now to depart. It is shopping day today and my No. 1 son has a new work routine and works in the afternoon meaning I must shop, cook and feed him to make sure she arrives at work by 1.00 p.m. Mr. Swiss and I now have a different routine. We go to the supermarket together. I get the trolley do the shopping and he has a coffee in the restaurant. My logistic talents are a little more efficient than his and I do not need my walker as I have the trolley for support. We have discovered that two golden oldies dithering around together on a shopping trip can ge a little complicated.

Enjoy the day, the week is already half way through.


14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I have never seen carnations growing in a garden. Yours is beautiful. Tabby does look quite fierce on top of her kingdom. This should keep all intruders away–including those awful leaf soldiers.

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    • It is the first time that I have had them in the garden. The lady that organised it all with me got some and they already flowering. They are really pretty, and I have a second one in the other raised bed. Tabby has taken over and garden her raised beds from all. The leaf soldiers are still at the moment, but when they begin to fall she will again be in action.

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  2. Yes, Tabby really does seem to be unhappy about something.
    That carnation is rather nice. I do not grow them in my own garden, but I just featured carnation because I happened to get a good picture at work.

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