FOWC with Fandango: Traffic

A Walk down Dagenham Heathway

Once upon a time some years ago  I wanted to drive a car
I was 18 and living in London, but wanted to travel far
It really was not easy, but I was driving in the right lane
After ten lessons I gave up, it was becoming quite a pain
And then I moved to Switzerland, I travelled by train and trams
Even the roads in Europe had their traffic jams
One day I met my Mr. Swiss and he could drive quite well
And so I decided to learn again, but traffic was quite a hell
We Brits were driving on the left , the Swiss were on the right
Everything was the wrong way around, for me it was a fight
The steering wheel was on the left, to change gears I used my right hand
I was getting very confused, my driving was not grand
Right of way was from the right, my neck began to ache
My driving instructor shook his head, I was his big mistake
Ninety-five lessons later, it was decided I take the test
Now I was thirty-eight years old, although not at my best
But miracles happen every day, my instructor was very pleasey
I packed the steering wheel and changed the gears, no problem it was easy
I got my permit to drive free in the traffic, that was over 30 years ago
I could do it although it was a surprise, I joined the traffic show

 FOWC with Fandango: Traffic

RDP Wednesday: Comeback

Norah Street 1945

No matter how far it is
Take a bus
Take a train
Take a plane
The body is moving
Memories remain
Longing to return to the streets of childhood
They are no longer there
Now concrete blocks of housing cover them
Perhaps a small park
Was it on the right or the left?
Follow the signpost
A comeback to youth
The comeback is a hope
Will no longer be reality
The body is old,
Can no longer return
We dream of the past
And still dreaming
If only there was a signpost to show the way

RDP Wednesday: Comeback

Good Morning

Morning Clouds

Looks like it will be another sunny day today. I am sitting out on the porch, so not too cold. I have realised that this week time in the morning will not be as much as usual and the gardeners will be here until Friday and there are various things they have to do and I  have decisions to talk over with them.

Yesterday they removed everything from my garded: the lawn and all my plants. I still have my two apple trees and another tree.

New garden

It looked quite bare when they had finished, but the plants worth keeping like my peonies, rudbeckia and sedum were put on one side for a replant eventually.

New Back Garden

Afterwards a sheet of special material was laid on the earth and piles of earth were spread on it to make a basis for what comes next. We had some noise this morning as well.

Gardener Back

With the use of some sort of machine the earth was now being flattened and afterwards we planned where the high beds will be placed. I will have two. One will be for my herbs etc. and the other with some flowering plants which will be my decisions. I told the lady in charge only plants that snails do not like, and perrenials that will remain for a few years. I am no longer as active as I was and do not intend to plant every year.

High bed Rocks

And now the rocks are being placed for my two new garden beds. The programme is that the beds will be completed today and the garden surface. It is quite a sisyphus work dragging the blocks of stone, bu the gardener has everything under control.

So do not expect too much  from me this week, as I will be busy with my garden installation. Today we also have to go shopping and our computer man will be organising my e-mails on my Apple computer from a distant office. He was here yesterday  for Mr. Swiss.

And now to deal with the normal daily cleaning and I am getting cold fingers outside on the computer. Wishing everyone a good day or night wherever you are.