Daily Inkling: Curse of the Year

Sunset in Feldbrunnen, Switzerland

You’re cursed to turn into a vampire for the entire month of October every year! Tell us how this new reality impacts your normal life.

There could be a problem with the daily shopping, as I will be sleeping in my coffin in the hobby room in the cellar during the day, but I am sure Mr. Swiss will take care of it. On the other hand it might be that I would feel the urge on a full moon night and give him a loving bite in the neck, meaning that he would also become a vampire.

There is food everywhere on the streets during the night, you just have to be in the right place at the right time, although that could be a stress. I think the best method is to call in at the local blood bank: clean and efficient.

I would say avoid daylight above all. Being a vampire is really no big deal, all they do is sleep. I will have to check on the details about removing blood stains from clothing. I am sure there must be an app somewhere on my iPhone, Apple takes care of everything. I wonder how it works with the face identification. Vampires do not have reflections, I will have to check on that one.

Daily Inkling: Curse of the Year

FOWC with Fandango: Priorities


Today I had a problem with my priorities.

My first priority was to escape from the home. I had been at home since my week-end shopping safari on Friday. We had a minor monsoon, not heavy rain, but the steady drizzle that soaks you to the skin and makes an excursion with the camera a mission impossible, especially if your main transport method is by wheelchair.

The rainproof wheelchair has not yet been invented with the automatic roof and plastic drapes at the front and sides meaning that even if I wear a rain jacket for protection I will still be wet when I arrive home and I am not so sure that it would be a good idea for the chair when the seat gets wet.

At lunchtime it stopped raining and after my midday recovery sleep I decided it was time to go and make the most of the weather. My camera was photo starved and I was sure that the first layer of snow would be on the Jura mountains in the distance for a good photo.

We have had wonderful sunny weather for the past six weeks, but now times are a changing and with temperatures of 3-5° C it is time to rethink the clothing. For the first time since last April I was wearing socks. These were accompanied by my fleece lined trousers. I was not sure whether the rain jacket would be warm enough, but eventually settled for the winter jacket with the hood: better to be on the safe side. And I was ready, my dress priorities were made, so what could possibly go wrong.

Something did of course. I wheeled my way into town. It was still a grey, cold miserable day, but I continued heedless. At least it was not raining. I arrived in town, was snapping my photos here and there. They even had a small stand where they were serving cheese fondue. Just a small gas heater with a pot of the fondue melted cheese mixture and a bowl of bread cubes next to it. One of the men organising it said if I wanted a sample he would bring it to me as I was in my wheelchair, but I declined, although I was thinkig about it. I then decided to wheel on towards home.

This meant crossing the bridge over the river and afterwards crossing the second bridge. I was then slowly realising that I had forgotten something important. Actually it was the first priority. I was never a glove person, but when you are wheeling around in a chair you tend to feel the cold winds blowing against you especially on the hands. You need the right hand to steer the chair so no possibility to put it in your pocket for warmth. I had visions of my lovely warm Norwegian style gloves that Mr. Swiss brought me once after a business trip to Oslo. They were still in the wardrobe at home.

I had to change my strategy. Instead of speeding along the river bank homewards I wheeled up to the main road with the nice smooth level sidewalks, switched the wheelchair into top gear and went homewards with visions of having frostbite in my right hand. I had already put the camera back into my bag.

I eventually arrived home. My right hand has now thawed out and I will never ever forget the priority of taking gloves with me on my next journey into the unknown. By the way the first snowflakes will probably be falling this evening.

FOWC with Fandango: Priorities

RDP Sunday: Home

Castle Waldegg 24.08 (6)

I have always had a home, but there are places where you feel comfortable. Growing up in the streets of East End  London it was my home because I knew nothing else. We were not privileged, working class. The main road was a market with stalls, and the neighbours were mostly people that my mum grew up with. She still called them by their maiden names, although the names had all changed. The school friends had married but it was the place where you felt comfortable. We all spoke the same language, english with a cockney accent-

The big journeys were up to London, meaning the West End and the City of London where the tourists flocked to see the sights: St. Pauls Cathedral, Buckingham Palast, shopping down Oxford Street to name a few. We lived there, we were not tourists, and we had it all in our own back yard, but up West was up West, and we were still the cockney working class.

Life goes on, and homes change. I think the first three years of my life in Switzerland were homeless. The first two in Zürich and afterwards a year in the area around Solothurn until I met Mr. Swiss when I had a home again.

And now I have my probably last, but best home of all. We live in a village that we share with the cows and the hedgehogs and some humans of course. We have no shops, but a walk along  the main road or the local train brings us to the market town of Solothurn. We have a castle and above all we have wonderful countryside framed by the Jura mountains to the North (in the photo)  and a view towards the South of the alps on a clear day. What more do I need? Switzerland has become my home and I even speak the local dialect of Swiss German after 50 years. I feel at home here and the feeling is good.

RDP Sunday: Home

Good Morning

Cold Morning

Just 3°C  this morning, although the morning is an hour later. Yes, it was the best night of the year, according to my golden oldie point of view. We all got an hour’s longer sleep in Switzerland and the rest of Europe. Daylight saving time is a good thing in Autumn, we can hug the bed longer and I at last find the hour that I lost in Spring. I could hardly believe it. There I was awake at 5.00 am but it was 6.00 am yesterday meaning I had an hour longer to relax in my warm bed. Oh what joy.

It’s a cloudy morning, but at least it is not raining. Yesterday I had cabin fever staying at home all day due to the rain.

Weissenstrasse 27.10.2018

After writing various blogs I tidied up my various photos I had to upload. There were not many, but I like to get them done and done with. I have two files, A and B. A is the temporary file I have for stuff I take photos with on my cameras, and B is the temporary file for the stuff I photograph on my mobile phone. After sprucing the photos up a bit I transfer them onto my extra disk and computer sorting them into the right places: better to be safe than sorry when storing in two places. I took a photo of the tree avenue leading to the supermarket. I have this photo for all seasons and it is amazing to see how the trees change their colours and shapes during the year.

I have also now placed my bird house outside, although the birds have not yet discovered it. I get regular visits from a crow and magpie in the morning for the bread I throw out onto the meadow outside my garden. They are a little too big for the birdhouse.

I also tidied up my bag/purse yesterday. I realised that the money purse no longer had any room for money. It was stuffed full of coupons etc, so now I have a wonderful organisation. The coupons are in pockets in my handbag and the notes have more room, although I rarely use cash, just to pay the cleaning lady. Everything else is done with plastic: not only a golden oldie, but an up to date golden oldie. Where would we old folks be without computers and credit cards?

Autumn Trees 27.10.2018 (2)

I am hoping to get out this afternoon. Up to now it is not raining, just very cold. I think the higher slopes of the Jura mountains probably now have a white layer from the first snow, although a thin layer at the moment. In the Eastern part of Switzerland, in Kanton Graubünden/Grisons they already have their first big snowfalls. Yes Winter is just around the corner. I should enquire if I can get chains for the wheels on my wheelchair.

And now to move on with my little household duties. Mr. Swiss has volunteered to make the Swiss apple flan today, so I can plan my day with its exciting events.

Enjoy your Sunday and relax with a good book, the computer, or just the TV. The main thing is no stress. Saw some chrysanthemums in the store last week, so thought I would share them to add some colour to the day.