Daily Inkling: Living for Now

How do you enjoy life and continue to live in the now when you have an important deadline? Are you able to turn it off, or are you prone to always think about it? 

Baselstrasse 11.10.2018

Since I have become a golden oldie, in a wheelchair when I want to go places and see things, my important deadlines have become events in the local town or village.

Due to MS I had to win my freedom of movement and I did it in my own way. At the age of 72 you no longer waste time in thinking about it. Time is precious, it eventually runs out, and so make the most of the time you have.

I could not even keep an appointment in my garden to look after the flower beds, and fell. That was the last bit of foot freedom I had. I was imprisoned in my own house because something could happen. I can walk, but something like the silly walk and not so elegant. If I fall I cannot stand again under my own steam. I did not waste time on turning anything off, or thinking about it. I acted, went to the local showrooms for handicaps had a look around and a month later I had my electric wheelchair. I was again free. I wheel around everywhere.

My important deadlines today are Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning when I go shopping to the local supermarket. Mr. Swiss drives me there, although I can still drive a car: no problem. It is an automatic and I do not need my left foot which is no longer active. Of course I cannot take the wheelchair, but I have the supermarket trolley for support – where there’s a will, there’s a way. My other important deadlines were visiting the local Autumn Trade fair. I could do that all with the wheelchair, and I also attended the local cheese day.

Cheese Days Solothurn 06.09 (45)

That was an event to remember: all those cows in town and me wheeling around them and taking photos.

Of course I think about these things, I do not want to miss them.

The shield at the top of the post is telling me we have fruit days on 28th October and so I have already made a note in my mobile phone calendar. I do not want to miss that one. We also have a monthly market. Yes there is always something going on in my life, wheelchair or not, I can do it. I enjoy life as long as I have it. I scan the local newspaper (online of course) to make sure I do not miss anything. I do not really have any problems with enjoying life. My only problems are if I do not have access to my computer(s). Yes I have two, an Apple machine and a Windows. Oh, and being in a wheelchair is handy with my camera. I can take my zoom lens with me as well, as I do not have to carry it as I am sitting usually.

Daily Inkling: Living for Now

FOWC with Fandango: Draw


Now this is going to be a short one. Me draw? Forget it. The painting above is a graffiti on a wall in our town, probably one of those midnight scribbles from the youth, but it is even better than what I could do.

Not that I do not have an artistic streak. I can do wonders with a camera, but all I have to do is press the button. I had art lessons at school, I had no choice, but I was not outstanding. I think if they had told me to draw a straight line it would not have worked.

Some people can just do it with no problem. Give Mr. Swiss a pencil and paper or a paint box and he creates a work of art with no problem. He had lessons as a young teenager from an artist, although he had the talent already. How come he can do it and I cannot. I must say he understands art. We have visited many exhibitions and art galleries and he introduced me to the world of painting, that I actually now recognise who painted what. I am more into the surreal stuff, my favourite painter being René Margritte, a Belgien painter. His painting of a man with an apple in front of his head I find brilliant. I even based one of my photos on it borrowing the cat next door.

roschti and apple

FOWC with Fandango: Draw

RDP Monday: Blast

Cutting Trees 10.10.2018

Autumn came and so did the leaves
falling fast and leaving the trees
It was time to cut the bows that break
And they sawed all day, the tree did shake
Mr. Swiss likes to take a rest
after lunch, because that time is the best
Saws were cutting, screeching on the way
It seemed the woodcutters were here to stay
They got in the mood, their strength was vast
It was an addiction to create the blast
Day and night the saw did its work
The men were addicted, they had their perk
When Winter came the wind blasted through
Leaves  were gone, no longer grew
At last there was quiet, it began to rain
Until next Autumn when they began again

RDP Monday: Blast

Good Morning

Alps 14.10 (1)

We have alps again. I went for a wheelie in my chair yesterday afternoon. We had wonderful weather, with temperatures of 23°C. It was almost an early summer’s day. I decided on roll up to the local castle and the view from the top was rewarding. Although in a haze you could see the alps in the distance: from right to left Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger. Their nearest village is Grindelwald where we spent many summer holidays with the kids. The mountains are then in your back garden. I will never stop admiring these wonderful natural creations.

At the top of the path I met a good friend. She also has had her problems with walking for many years, so we compared notes on our progress and problems and realised it is not so bad after all. Like me, she often takes a walk around the castle area.

Autumn Trees 14.10 (3)

I am still on the search for Autumn, but  it is slow in arriving this year due to our wonderful out of season warm weather. However here and there you can spot some trees thinking about turning their leaves from green to red and brown.

Chickens 14.10 (12)

I also visited the chickens. they seem to have a new breed, not the normal big colourful chooks, but with black feathers. They also have a few chicks. That is why I like this farm, they always have something different. These chickens are probably more for their looks and not so much for laying eggs. Being mainly black, they are not so photogenic.

Chickens 14.10 (7)

They have now shifted the mobile chicken house to the middle of a field. Even chickens need a change of sceney now and again.

Chickens 14.10 (4)

I can still get my close-ups of chicken life thanks to my zoom lens.

I only really intended a short wheelie, but meeting a friend slowed me down a bit and the day was too good to hurry on home. Mr. Swiss was at home busy making one of his famous apple tarts, although I think he was doing things to his mobile phone as well. The life of two cyber golden oldies is full of stress.

I spent the rest of the day blogging and uploading the few photos I took. I also watered the garden, as with our current lack of rain it needs it. The ground seems to be moist from the morning mists, but I have a few new plants that I should look after. I then heard the distant noise of an ambulance drawing closer. The ambulances come from the local hospital and often take the road through our village to other places. This time the ambulance horn suddenly stopped on our road. It is alarming when that happens. Was there an accident or did someone have a problem? I could have taken a short look, but decided not too. It is distressing enough when you hear something like that.

And now to today. I have things to do like a shopping trip and a clean through the apartment. My son now has a different timetable meaning I no longer have so much time in the morning as usual, but I have everything under control, I hope. I am not sure if I will be going places today, but am thinking about it.

Chrysanthemum 14.10.2018

I saw these wonderful chrysanthemum at the local cemetery, worth a photo. I aways find the best photos of flowers at the cemetery. It was quite a busy day there with visitors. 1st November is now approaching and that is the day when everyone visits the cemetery being All souls Day. I am not religious, but living in a catholic area, you get all the official holidays.

And now I am off, have a good day everyone. See you later.