FOWC with Fandango: Limit

HESO 30.09 (1)

A photo taken at our local trade fair, nothing special but wait, in the background there is a pig and he even has a marking painted on his back. If you look closer you seen another four pigs. The people at the front are having an intensive discussion, about the limits of pigs most probably.

These pigs will soon be pushed to their limits. They are racing pigs. Daily at the fair the office opens and you can place your bet on who the winner will be. To be quite honest whether they are trained for racing or not I do not know. I was at the fair when the pigs were racing. I could hear the commentator through the loudspeaker and the people were clapping and  cheering for their pig, the pig they chose to win. Of course it was all for fun, an attraction at the fair.

I managed this picture as there was no action at the time and at last I got a peek at he pigs in the background. Otherwise I could see nothing as I am in a wheelchair and I had to stay at the edge as the action took place below and there were many spectators blocking the view.

The fair finished yesterday, but somewhere in a farmhouse there is a pig in his stall dreaming of the day when he won the race. He might even have a badge on the wall with his photo. Even pigs have their dreams. Perhaps pigs can fly like the one on the photo.

HESO 2018 29.09 (24)

FOWC with Fandango: Limit

RDP Monday: Spartan

HESO 2018 29.09 (6)

Spartans wore leather sandals and slept on a cushion of stone
At night they were in snow and ice and ate their meat from the bone
The spartans of today, they do the best they can,
Exercising all the time, they want to be a man
Leather sandals are old fashioned, now soles are pumped with air
Floating on the surface and so comfortable to wear
Of course in Sparta you made it yourself, a rawhide was enough
Today you order shoes online made of synthetic stuff
A leather thong skirt is also out, so as the Spartans wore
Today you have leggings of super stuff, although not fit for war
Price is no question, you need quality to win the final prize
Just choose your colour in stripes or stars, it is stretch and needs no size
Spartans today eat vitamin food, power, functional and macro
The winner takes it all and so you do not want to be in the back row
Being the best is not so cheap and you might have to get a loan
It is a question of fashion and style, no longer meat from the bone.

 RDP Monday: Spartan

Good Morning

Clouds 30.09 (4)

Yesterday another sunny pleasant day, but on my wheelie home in my chair I saw tbe clouds gathering and had my suspiciona. I arrived home, began to write on the computer outside on the porch and the heavens began to dim the light switch. Suddenly there was a flash,  waited a little and then the crash arrive. It had also begun to rain in the meanwhile for the first time in a month. I was not unhappy, just changed my position to inside. It is rare to get a thunderstorm in late Autumn.

My lunchtime sleep was not so calm and peaceful yesterday. As I lay in bed I heard them thundering past on the main road.

Harley Davidson HESO Tag 20.09.2018

Yes, it was Harley Davidson day at the HESO, our local spring trade fair. The men in their noisy machines were arriving one by one. I am not actually a fan of bikes but when you have a gathering of so many bikes in town you wheel along to have a look. It was the last day of the fair and I wanted to see the motorised monsters in person, not only the bikes, but the guys were quite an interesting species.

Harley Davidson HESO Tag 30.09 (20)

It was strange to see our quaint little old town with its cobblestone streets having the men on the motor bikes driving through. Actually they parked their bikes at the exhibition, as well as in town,  but now and again took a drive through.

Harley Davidson HESO Tag 30.09 (3)

I was fascinated by the whole thing. I heard a driver saying that it was planned they would all leave at the same time later in the evening. He also said something about 800 bikers although I was not sure about that, although it could easily be. It only happens once a year on the last day of the fair. I was snapping away and taking photos, and I cannot even ride a bicycle.

HESO 30.09 (4)

I had a last look around in the tents and discovered a table tennis match. Another show from one of the many sports clubs we have in the area. Now the fair is over and I will have to discover something new for a few photos. We now have November and the second Monday in the month is always market day in town, so my next photo experience will probably be next week. In the meanwhile I will content myself with daily events, cows, ducks and horses.

As I crossed our Kreuzacker Bridge, the one where no traffic is allowed, our local swan family were having a swim.

Swans 30.09 (7)

Mum and dad were again at the back and front and the cygnets in between, although no longer such cygnets. The babies have grown and will soon be out of the ugly duckling phase. They will be the swan family for next year.

I then wheeled over the bridge, back across the next bridge – my usual method – and home along the path on the river bank. I am becoming quite a regular on my wheelies. People greet me on the way, and I often see the same people taking their daily walk. I will miss this a little in Winter, although sometimes we have good days if it does not snow too much or cold temperatures where the rain freezes.

Today is one of those grey days and I do not think the sun will poke through, but you never know. I have some shopping to do. I just got an advertisement from our village restaurant that after at least a year it will be opening again next week and I am invited to a free cup of coffee and a croissant.  At last we have a restaurant in the village again, although I will not be a regular customer, it is just nice to know that we have one.

And one last look as some bikers were leaving. Have a nice day everyone and quiet. I appreciate the silence of the village since our bikers have left.

Harley Davidson HESO Tag 30.09 (6)