FOWC with Fandango: Routine

Cleaning kitchen

Rolling out of bed with a hop and a swing
Hoping that the day good things will bring
Walk to the kitchen and prepare some food
Just bread, jam and tea will set the daily mood
Place the computer on the kitchen table
Now I am ready for all when able
I say good morning to most of the world
Munching on my breakfast with energy uncurled
And now it is finished so go fetch the sweeper
It removes all the dust, I am a creeper
And now to the shower room, wiping the toilet clean
Do not forget the sink and the floor, oh what a scene
I take the mop once more and wipe it over the tiles
In the corridor and living room, there are so many miles
I am now in the daily routine, and almost half way there
Fill the bowl with cat food, I have no time to spare
Now is time for the kitchen, wiping away the crumbs
and to mop the kitchen floor, oh how clean it becomes
Now I go to the bathroom to have my daily shower
I am ready for everything, I am the lady with power
Now a wipe round in the bathroom , what energy it took
But I am not yet finished, lunch will have to cook
Eating is also tiring, but there is no reason to weep
Because the routine is finished and now for a midday sleep
The afternoon is me time, doing what I do
I can please myself because I no longer have to

FOWC with Fandango: Routine

RDP Monday: Plump

Today I have to ask you to be patient. I live in Switzerland and our local language is Swiss German, so our music tends to be with German texts. There was a Austrian singer, Udo Jürgens and I quite liked his music and songs. He was very well known, but unfortuately passed away a couple of years ago.

One of his well known songs was entitled, “Aber bitte mit Sahne”. Translated it would be “but with cream please” and tells of the golden oldies, usually ladies, that often meet in their favourite cake shop to enjoy the pleasures of a doughnut, black forest cherry cake, or perhaps an apple tart, but always with cream. I found this song on YouTube, the original from Udo Jürgens, but they did it quite clever. The German and the english words appear as he sings, so enjoy it. Those ladies were probably quite plump, but they enjoyed their cakes and cream, as I do. Just ate the last piece of Mr. Swiss famous apple tart, but with whipped cream of course. And I do not weight one gramme more than this morning. That is probably because of the exercise I have, in my wheelchair with the steering. My right hand often gets exhausted with the strain.

RDP Monday: Plump

Good Morning

Horses 07.10 (1)

Yesterday they let me out again so I went on a wheelie in my chair to various places searching mainly for Autumn, which I found although it is not quite the explosions of brown and red up to now, just a bit on the edge. Even these two horses were searching for it.

Actually there was a small drama before I left. Due to the flying objects from outside near my kitchen I had a month, a few moths, in the kitchen cupboard. I cleared out the cupboard and found no source of the infection. I stuck moth paper on the cupboard door and a few cadavers arrived, but not many. It is only the male moths that are attracted to the sticky paper. Moths are one thing, but I hate their kids. the funny thing was there were no kids. I searched for a few days, it did not get worse, but I knew somewhere there must be something and I found it. It was an electric pepper mill that I once filled with the pepper mix in different colours and more or less forgot it in the cupboard because I had a normal pepper mill with black pepper corns in another place. As I had never used this electric mill I threw it with all the contents, and no I did not examine exactly how many contents. It was enough to see a few small black moths on the mill. Since then my cupboard is perfect and no more moths. How I hate those bugs.

However I threw everything that could be a source including flour, but it was not flour. It was our sugar and yesterday Mr. Swiss decided to bake one of his famous apple tarts, but had no sugar. It was Sunday, so he dragged No. 1 son with him to the railway station in town where they have a shop that is always open, and got his sugar. In the meanwhile I went off on my wheelie to escape from the baking problems. When I got home I was greeted with the smell of a freshly baked apple tart, so what could go wrong.

Grenchenstrasse 07.10.2018

I wheeled to the outskirts of our town where there were once fields of sunflowers. The sunflowers are now long gone, and have been harvested for their oil production from their seeds, but I found the empty field also had its charm.

Boccia Vorstadt 07.10.2018

I moved on into town but there was not very much happening, although I saw a group of people, probably Italian origin, playing their Sunday game of “boccia” which is an Italian  version of bowels.  I noticed in Wikipedia they say for people in wheelchairs, but I know it as an Italian pastime for everyone, although it is mostly the men that play in the various villages.

River Aare 07.10..2018

The sun was shining on our River Aare and it was a perfect afternoon. There was even some warmth in the sun. There were no longer so many people swimming in the river, although I saw one young lady with her board under her arm in her bathing costume making her way to the river. She must be one of the Amazons, as I was warm enough in my usual clothes, but a bathing costume would be a little too cold.

Autumn 07.10 (2)

And where was Autumn? Yes I found some Autumn in the local cemetery. A few trees had decided it was time to turn their colours, and probably it will now be happening thick and fast. I have started to tidy up a bit at home. Yesterday we put the sunbed in the cellar and I also got rid of some plants which were not really doing very much.  I even took a broom in my hand and swept down the patio. Now I am pleased and Winter can come.

And I will now go. Mr. Swiss has to bring our car to the garage today for a new door because the one we had had a disagreement with a wall. Not too bad, but once you have a few scrapes they can develop into something more. We are getting a substitute car for the week, something bigger but also an automatic. We have a visit to make at the supermarket for some food supplies and I might take a wheelie into town this afternoon as it is our monthly market day and there might be some opportunities for my camera.

In the meanwhile a new week has arrived, so make what you can of it. As a golden oldie I do not really notice new weeks, all I know is that the shops are open for food supplies.

Aster 07.10 (1)

I think this is an aster, and I saw it growing in a corner of the cemetery.