Daily Inkling: Ensemble

Fire Bugs 15.03 (7)

Always together, we are stuck through thick and thin
The life of a firebug compares with a siamese twin
If my partner takes a walk, then I must go as well
Although I do it in reverse, it is not very swell
It all has a purpose, one day we will have a nymph
Then we will part company, and no longer have to limp
And now I want to go forward, but he is going back
Men can be so obstinate, always on the wrong track
But we are part of an ensemble, without us we were naught
So let us keep on walking, life’s purpose must be fought

Daily Inkling: Ensemble

FOWC with Fandango: Challenge

Renovation 19.10 (4)

Life is one big challenge. I wonder if we would miss it when there would be no challenges. Last Summer was lost. We were incarcerated in scaffolding whilst our building got a face lift. There was no sitting outside on the porch, because we almost had not porch.

2-3 years ago I was challenged by discovering I had MS, although had probably spent the past 30 years of my life with it and not being diagnosed. Perhaps it was better that way, I did not have the worry to go with it. Now being 72 years old, I am passed worrying and take it as it comes. I have a wheelchair: no challenge, just a transport method.

I got a grandson, thanks to No. 2 son. I am now a grandmother.

And I am still bogging, writing my daily stuff. I would say in this context that I need it. Of course I have my interests, photography, nature, and reading, but I have my routine. I write because I enjoy writing. Of course I have some friends, but I only see them now and again and let’s face it. I am not getting younger and neither are they and now and again I notice that there is one less friend: the shadow side of life. But I continue because I need the daily challenges.

We have put men on the moon in my lifetime, even wiped out a few chronic illnesses, although there are still some to conquer. We have invented the computer. Where would we be without Facebook. At least we can complain about it.

My next challenge is to prepare the evening meal and finish writing this challenge.

Basket Ball Estate 17.10.2018

FOWC with Fandango

RDP Friday: Week

Shopping carts in Migros, Langendorf

Monday hoovering the apartment and all the other days
Time goes on, it flies past, the weeks go in a haze
Life is not only cleaning, I have other things to do
I cook the dinner and prepare evening meals, the turning of a screw
Being a golden oldie there are visits to the doc
I have no time to sit and dream, and then there is the clock
It is ticking away seconds chasing each other, using too much time
It’s all a matter of taking it easy, life has become a crime
Last week I got married, had children and afterwards went to work
Or was that many years ago, time is on the lurk
Seven days have the week, and resting  a thing of the past
It used to be the seventh day, but now it goes too fast
Looking forward to something special is not such good advice
Wishing all your life away is never a good sacrifice
On Friday I write a shopping list to cover week-end food
Today is Friday I did it again, it has become an ineptitude
I wish the week had just one day, there would be no repetition
Life is travelling far to fast, it never requests permission

 RDP Friday: Week

Good Morning

Autumn 18.10 (4)

Another cold morning but the sky is clear and the sun is approaching. The only proof of the changing seasons are the trees that are now losing their leaves thick and fast and changing colour. Not even the birds seem to be hungry and I have not yet put the bird house in the garden. I just spread a little bread remainders in the morning, but only a couple of sparrows have decided to join the feast.

October Fest Reithalle 18.10 (1)

I wheeled into town yesterday afternoon in my chair and noticed in our “Reithalle” (riding hall) that they are preparing for a celebration.  I suppose at one time it was used for riding, but it is now more a place for concerts and now and again a rock occasion. In October in Germany it is now the time for the beer drinking feasts especially in Münich and the surrounding areas. Our little market town of Solothurn has decided that they also want one. I do not know how this will be managed, and is probably an evening thing, perhaps during the day as well. In Germany it is day and night.

It is an Autumn tradition, although German, and the beer is served in mega big glasses, containing at least half a liter of the brown juice. I read in the local newspaper that entertainment has also been organised from a german singing group.

October Fest Reithalle 18.10 (2)

I took a peep inside the open doors. The men are still building it all, but saw the blue and white design of the Bavarian flag and a poster for the occasion. Long tables have been organised. It is not my sort of thing, and is probably more for the men than the ladies.

So I wheeled on into town.

Market Place 18.10.2018

The hot chestnut hut is now here to stay until late Winter on the left and our fountains still have their flower decorations. The St. Urs Fountain (patron saint of our town of Solothurn) is looking good placed in our main market square, surrounded by various restaurants. Actually there are fewer and fewer shops now in the town. It is either a hairdresser or restaurant. Everything seems to be a restaurant now, even the book shop has a few tables and chairs outside. Everyone buys online and shops are closing down one after the other.

St. Geroges Fountain 18.10 (1)

The St. George fountain seems to be having a clean up and is surrounded by Autumn plants from the flower shop next to it. Autumn is a good time to have a look around. It is not too hot, ideal for a walk or wheelie through town and people sit outside in the boulevard cafés enjoying the atmosphere.

Ducks 18.10 (2)

I wheeled homewards along the river and just at the edge of town saw this guy taking a refreshing swim. Some ladies passed me on the way and also stopped to have a look. This guy must have had a built in central heating to swim in the river. The sun might be shining, but it is an Autumn sun and there was more than just a breeze blowing. We all had a good chuckle at his bravery.

Yesterday I composed the plan for the week-end shopping. I am getting too good at this sort of thing. I realised. I do not always know what I have in the cupboards and fridge, so yesterday I wrote an inventory in the notes on my phone. Now I have it all under control. since I do the rounds in the supermarket without Mr. Swiss, who I deposit in the restaurant, I cannot ask what we need. My list will help. I think we golden oldies do not seem to have better things to do than life’s logistics.

And now to move on with a vacuum cleaner in one hand and a mop in the other. Have a good day, it’s Friday and now we have the week-end in front of us. What is a week-end, just two days with different names and nothing to do but enjoy life, or something like that. Relax, make the most of it. I will leave you with a photo of a caster oil plant I saw growing on one of the flower beds next to our road to town. They are very poisonous it seems, but taking a photo and looking at it is not so dangerous. I even had one in my garden once. They are quite easy to grow.

Caster Oil Plant 18.10 (2)