FOWC with Fandango: Fence

Shire Horse Guiness

Even in the German language it is clear that this is a fence with electricity. It is to keep the horses inside of course, but what about the humans.  Before my days of wheelchair I could more or less use my legs, although they were then slowly deciding to dislocate themselves from my feet now and again.

However, undaunted I would take a walk with Mr. Swiss to visit the local horses at the stable, naturally with my camera. I had to climb up a slope of earth to get a good position, and then it happened. Mrs. Angloswiss fell. When Mrs. Angloswiss falls today she can no longer stand afterwards. This was a few years ago when I was beginning not to stand and I think this was the first time it happened. As the floor was coming up to meet me I naturally grabbed the wire to brake my fall. This was a mistake of course. Not only had I twisted my ankle but was also electrocuted. Ok, no big shock, but it die sort of give a strong feeling of gripping pins and needle in my hand which even climbed up my arm.

Now Mrs. Angloswiss was immobile from the leg downwards and we were without a car in the wilderness of paths . Luckily we had our mobile phones with us and met two ladies who knew a very good taxi driver. She gave us his number, we called, and he came along the path in his taxi which is actually only meant for people and not taxis.

He was even trained for first aid, grabbed me with his two arms and heaved me into the taxi back seat. Mrs. Swiss went home to get his car and the taxi driver took me to the ER at the local hospital, where Mr. Swiss joined us.  Long story, shortened: I had not broken anything, just a twisted ankle. I went to my doc, she decided enough is enough and sent me to a neurologist and today I am in a wheelchair diagnosed with MS, a creeping thing, and this all because of an electric fence.

The horse did not even notice the drama going on around him. The fence is still there and so are the horses and now I take my photos with a zoom lens from a distance. I have since noticed that all our fences in our agricultural area are electric.

Castle Waldegg Surroundings 28.05 (3)

FOWC with Fandango: Fence

RDP Thursday: Herd

Cows 26.04 (7)

The cow population of Switzerland is approximately one and half million, meaning that there is one cow for every five people in Switzerland. We are surrounded by cows in our village, every spare piece of meadow has a few cows. One day the cows disappeared. I would take my daily wheelies in my chair to visit the cows and they were not there. I was getting worried and decided to stop eating beef. You never know if it was one of the neighbours you were enjoying for Sunday lunch when you chewed your steak.

The problem was solved when I met one of the farmers mending a fence on the range. Actually it was the field next to the local castle. I asked him where the cows had gone and told him of my problems with eating beef. Did he have a smile on his face in sympathy? He reassured me that they were all doing well and sleeping in the barn during the day. Temperatures were too hot for them outside when the sun was so intense. They had been transferred to the night shift and only let out in the cooler evenings.

As I wheeled past the field I saw proof that the cows were still here. They had left a mark to claim their territory. Even the flies were happy.

Cow 27.09.2017

RDP Thursday: Herd

Good Morning

Dawn in Feldbrunnen

Just look at it. They are the dawn photos I love. Climbed out of bed and began to lift the blinds in the apartment. This is what I saw from the first window. The sun was beginning to appear on the left and shedding its light gradually on the sky with such a wonderful colour. Perhaps not sensatioal but enough to put you in a good mood to start the day.

Autumn Trees 10.10 (3)

The Autumn leaves are not yet falling so much, so my cat Tabby will have to be a little patient in her fight against the leaf soldiers, but slowly and surely we are getting the shades of brown and red with some yellow in between.  I like all seasons, they all have their charm, but Autumn surpasses them all for its beauty.

10,000 WordPress

And now something for I, me and myself. After more than 10 years in WordPress I have achieved my 10,000 followers. Not that I am a statistic conscience person, but it gives you a good feeling to know that some people out there are reading what I write. Of course I love getting your likes and meeting such wonderful people, even if it is only online. Yesterday afternoon I saw that I needed only 30 new followers to reach the 10,000 but somewhere in cyber heaven it was decided to continue regardless and new followers have been on a discovery journey. Actually I noticed this week that new arrivals were landing on my page thick and fast. So thanks again for all your support.

Further on the same path with a WordPress theme, I have noticed some changes when I want to give  likes to my followers. I have to re-enter WordPress most of the time as if I was not logged in, which I always am. It does not accept my likes straight away and I have to click on the box for comments where the “W” sign is to get accepted for a like or a comment. Afterwards it works OK, but not for all. There are still a few followers that I cannot reach with my like. I also find it is more difficult on my Apple computer than my Windows machine. Anyone else noticed this change? I have not bothered to ask WordPress, because their answers are generally not very helpful and they probably tell me everything is as it was. I do visit you all time allowing, if I notice you are competing in the same prompts or challenges and do my little bit, even if it is only a like: but a like is better than nothing.

Autumn Trees 10.10 (2)

I have also treated myself to a new mouse for my Mac. I had been using one of those new magic mice for the last few years, but permanently losing the connection in between. I got so annoyed and have now put the magic away and use a simple normal Logitec mouse. Thank goodness, I can now save some time on my blogging for my other life, the real one.

And now enough computer time to start the day. I am not going anywhere this morning, but have a few daily chores to complete with a vacuum cleaner and mop. Life would be boring without them. This afternoon I might go on a wheelchair trek to see what the outside world is doing

So keep up the good work in WordPress land and have fun with what you are doing, wherever you are in the world. Not forgetting those that have night, so sleep well. See you around.

Autumn 07.10.2018