Ragtag Daily Prompt #2: Insight


It is a feeling you get somehow. Dropping a cheap flower pot is no big deal, you can buy a new one at the store, but what if you fall and break something. Since becoming a golden oldie, it seems to have become the story of my life. Having MS does not really have a lot to do with it, perhaps you are even more prepared for those little mishaps. The first 50 years of my life were spent in ignorance that what could possibly happen until I broke my first limb. No big deal, it was the left arm around the elbow. Nothing that a couple of hours under the knife, and some steel rods could not mend. I was only in the clinic from the morning to the late afternoon and they sent me home. I got an interesting arm and everyone found it looked good, especially when the stitches came out. I was not so thrilled when I fell on the arm, bent the metal and the doc decided it was time to remove the steel, another little operation, but I got the steel as a souvenir.

And the next one was same arm, this time top half after a fall on the patio in the garden: compound fracture and another interesting scar. This time the metal plate and the 15 screws will not be removed.

So where is the insight, the feeling that something could happen? That is Mr. Swiss priority, especially when I fell in the garden for no apparent reason (MS?) and could not get up. He almost condemned me to house arrest. There was too much happening. I then decided on my electric wheelchair. My insight told me that my walking days were over and this was my solution. A Wheelchair!! that was the reaction of those I knew, but it was the best decision I ever made. I was now free, could wheel around and go places and see things, especially with the camera.

The next episode was this year end of January. It started so harmless, with a shower. I walked to the bedroom, the next room, and my foot seemed to leave my leg behind. I was on the floor dressed as you are dressed when you leave a shower and Mr. Swiss called the ambulance: result a week in hospital after some more steel parts in my leg this time.

My insight now tells me to be careful. Walk with your stick and do not do anything that might cause another accident. This especially since I was sorting some washing at home and lost my balance and was, yes, again on the floor and could not get up. No Mr. Swiss at home, he was shopping, just my oldest son who could not lift me up. My intuition now tells me always have your mobile telephone near. I called the rescue service at the hospital. An ambulance arrived with two very strong handsome men and a lady and together they picked me up and put me in a chair. They checked that nothing more was broken and left. They left just as Mr. Swiss was coming home when he hoped that the ambulance that was leaving was not at our home. Yes, it was. He had insight because he is prepared and was sure I had another one of my little accidents.

I still get these feelings that I might, could, will fall again, but there are not many limbs left to break – at least on the left side. The right side? Who knows.

Ragtag daily Prompt #2: Insight

Good Morning

Morning Clouds

The first moment of the day, after leaving the bed, is look outside and see what is happening. This morning there was a cloud happening.  I have a thing for clouds, but mostly there are none. Either it will be a grey day with rain, or a wonderful summer day with plain blue sky. This morning there was a cloud show, so it was worth standing on the porch in my night attire and taking a photo. Clouds do not always arrive like this.

Yesterday the only place I visited was the supermarket.
Bipperlisi 01.06.2018

So the only new photos were of the route on the way. In between taking photos I notice a black object when I looked through the camera. Obviously something was on the lens, so in the car I cleaned them and the object was still there. I then removed the lens as it was probably at the back of the lens, but found nothing. After many manipulations I screwed it all back together again and the mark was gone. We were our way in the car, but Mr. Swiss finds I am taking photos of the same stuff all the time, so it made no difference to have a pause. He now and again complains when he wants to turn the car, as I tend to get in the way with the camera.

Road to Langendorf 30.05 (7)

I managed to get a shot of the crane near the supermarket where they are building a new estate. It was just a year ago when they began to demolished the old apartment houses where Mr. Swiss spent his teenage years and now they are putting the finishing touches already to the new blocks. One block has already been painted and they are removing the scaffolding already. I have take photos of the progress throughout the year, having nothing better to do when visiting the store. I am becoming quite a specialist. There are cranes everywhere. We have at least two in our village.

River Aare 12.05 (22)

Otherwise it was a stay at home afternoon. I was thinking about going for a wheelie when Mr. Swiss decided he must go into town. I cannot get out in my wheelchair if he does not help with opening doors. I could do it on my own, but it is a little complicated and I decided I had things to do at home. No. 1 son was out for the evening in any case, at a local concert so it was just me and Mr. Swiss for tea, but not by candlelight. The sun was still shining.

Without the daily prompt I was at little at a loss about what to write. Now we are slowly becoming flooded with choices, as some enterprising people are now organising new daily prompts. This is good that the initiative is there, but I am not sure where to go. Eventually I will find my way. WordPress have really dumped us in a back alley, but we are gradually returning. If I was 20 years younger and had more energy, I would have liked to have participated in organising something, but somehow the drive reduces as you grow older and I am thankful for the efforts from the others.

I am now off for a little cleaning session to help relieve the boredom. Enjoy the day, relax and remember, it can only get better.

Wild Flowers 31.05 (2)