Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: June 17, 2018

Cows 12.06 (20)

Yes, and now on the ther side, those flies can be such a bother.

Solothurn 10.06 (1)

“At last, I was so thirsty. Now you can give me the bottle top again. I will save the rest for later.”

Blackbird 16.06 (1)

“Those kids are never happy. I fill their beaks with worms and they cry for more.”

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: June 17, 2018

RDP #17: Antediluvian


All this eternal life stuff can get boring. You think I only live for a few days? Forget it. I have been here for so many years, they call me Methuselah. Of course not everyone has the luck to get away with it so long, you just have to make sure you are in the right place at the right time when the ship arrives. Now that surprises you, doesn’t it?

I will now let you all into a little secret, although no-one would believe you if you told them. Even the humans are forgetting where they came from. Where do the flies go in the Winter? You never see us, because we are not there. We tend to fall asleep when it gets colder, the deep freeze syndrome happens, and the ship arrives. At least we think it does, that is the story we are born with. It is all in the feelers, because we never knew our mums and dads, they just left us to get on with it, you know survival. We are sucked up by the ship and off we go back to the warmer areas where we stay until the deep freeze begins again and we are then returned to where we came from, instead of being  sucked up we are blown out I suppose.

There are a few newcomers, but they only have one thing in mind, and that is food. I survived all that years ago and have seen it all. You just have to be clever and dodge the fly swatters and everything stays fine. In the antediluvian days, before all this plastic stuff was invented, we were swatter free. No surprise attacks from above, just a human hand, but they never did understand the aerodynamics of the situation. We feel a wind blast before the human even thinks about about raising his hand.

Flies do not die under natural circumstances, only by accidents, and they do happen. I say just keep away from bread and jam, and cakes, even fruit can be a threat and then you will survive. Look where we live. Imagine if you spend a complete summer in a heap of cow dung and even enjoy it, and survive. You can survive anything. I still have a few ancestors around and we reminisce about the good old days up to the necks in … you know what.

We were the first and will be the last. Think twice before you take a fly swatter in the hand, you will be reducing the first witnesses of creation. Forget what the rats say, they are just show offs, without us they would be nothing.


RDP #17: Antediluvian

Good Morning

Morning Sky

And now the sun has joined us, so it looks like it is going to be a good day. Yesterday was also quite good so I made the most of the afternoon and went for one of my notorious wheelchair journeys. This time I took the path to the north-east of the village where the various farms are situated and old houses.

Feldbrunnen North 16.06 (7)

I think this must be one of the oldest houses in the village, although I am not sure. It is certainly something completely different.

Feldbrunnen North 16.06 (3)

We also have a few barns hanging around, probably for storing the hay for the winter food for the cows, or perhaps they are even cow sheds. The cows are still missing, and I slowly have to think of the film “The Silence of the Lambs”, substituting it for cows. That would be very sad, although I have steak today for dinner, so I should not be so hypocritical I suppose. At least my meat comes from an anonymous cow, I hope. If this continues I will become a vegetarian, or perhaps a vegan. No, I do not think so. My dad was very basic in his logic. He always found why vegetarian when there are enough cows walking around, although he very rarely saw one living in London.

Ibex Goat 16.06 (13)

I wheeled back to the central part of the village to see what the animals were doing and at last I saw the new arrivals again. There are two goats, at least I think they are goats, but only one one munching in the grass. She was at the edge of the chicken run and a couple of chickens got curious to see what this goat thing was. Suddenly the goat took a small gallop nearer to the hen shed and there were about 20 hens all running and clucking. They had a small shock I think. I am not so sure that this is a goat, but perhaps an ibex as the horns seems to be quite big.

Black Swan 16.06 (11)

The black swan pair were also around. This one was preening her feathers. I noticed she first of all dipped the beak in the duck pond and distributed the water in her feathers. You can see some tiny drops as she sprays the water. I do not know the idea of this, as she was standing on the edge of the pond. All the other ducks were having a swim so no photos as the pond is too low for me to get them.

I had pasta to cook for the evening with a creamy parmesan sauce and a tomato sauce. No. 1 son prefers his tortellini and ravioli with the traditional tomato sauce and Mr. Swiss and I like the cream sauce.

Taking photos is OK, but when you have 90 of them on the camera to upload you need time. I was out on the porch with my computer until 9.30 yesterday evening, but it was a pleasant evening.

We then discovered this creature crawling around on the corridor ceiling.

Katydid 17.06 (3)

It was enormous and Mr. Swiss found it to be a giant grasshopper, but I think it was more a so-called katydid. It was difficult for a photo as he was at a distance, but I took a couple with my normal camera, as the mobile camera is not so good for distances. I felt quite sorry for this insect and he was crawling very slowly trying to find somewhere to go. I would have liked to put him in the garden but it was difficult. Eventually it had crept over the main entrance and I opened the door and knocked him down. He made a thumping noise when he arrived on the ground outside the apartment, but he seemed to have lost all his energy. I do not think he survived the night.

And that was the excitement of the day. Today looks like a good one again, although sometimes I prefer a quite afternoon at home. Remember it is Sunday, a day of relaxation, so enjoy the day. Some of us arise in the morning and are convinced it is Monday. No names mentioned, I know it is Sunday, but other golden oldies are not so sure.  It looks like it will soon be harvest time in my area, although quite early this year due to the super corn weather.

Felbrunnen 16.06 (3)