Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Diagonal Line(s)


We are in the middle of the flight paths of Zürich and Geneva airports, so we have continuous diagonal lines in the sky above.

Crops 27.05 (1)

Even the barley grows diagonal, I watched this field grow from the beginning.


And here are some diagonal shadows thrown by the sun’s reflection on my curtain strips

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Diagonal Line(s)

RDP #26: Navigate


Crossing roads used to be so easy. You have a yellow stripe, the so-called zebra crossing, and that is where you do it: no problem. At least it never used to be a problem before I had a wheelchair.  as far as the traffic is concerned, that is the less of the worries. Car drivers, motobikes and bicycles are very well mannered. If they see a wheelchair coming they begin to stop before you even cross the road.  This is wonderful, although there are times when I do not enjoy being the centre of attention when performing this part of the journey.

When the local government re-constructed this part of our neighbouring road they did a wonderful job. The cars had a smooth surface to ride on, the barriers for the train were placed perfectly, so what could possibly happen. They forgot perhaps that not everyone walks across the road. I approach this particular crossing with care. The first bone shaking bump is going down the kerb. Of course the car is patiently waiting and watching, being careful of the wheelchair rider. And so I approach the bit in the middle for a rest under the eyes of the watchful car drivers. The first part of going down the kerb is not so bad, because it is a little sloped. Unforunately they forgot to repeat the slope in the island in the middle.

With luck you reach the island safe, and now have the eyes of the motorists on you on both sides of the road. Honestly speaking I would prefer to just wheel round this island in the middle to get to the bump upwards on the next pavement on the other side. Of course you do not, it is not allowed, you have left the safety of the crossing and if you get killed in an accident on the way across the road it is your own fault and no-one pays for the funeral, except for your own family, although at that point you do not really care.  And so you battle with more shakes and rock and roll to get to the other side.

Baselstrasse03.04 (4)

Just a few minutes along the road there is the next crossing. This is my favourite and less death defying. You wheel along the path at the side of the rail tracks, usually on your own, with perhaps an occasional biker on the way and get to the part where you cross the road. There are no unexpected bumps at the kerb, even the island in the middle is easy peasy and crossing the rails is accompanied with just a gentle stir, no shaking. It is perfect for a beginner in a wheelchair. You reach the other side with no embarrassing thoughts about “are they looking at me” because even the car drivers do not have an impulse to set up a speed record on this part. We are all taking it easy, and sometimes everyone stops for the train crossing. When I complete this part I am already on my way on the entrance path to the local cemetery, so what could be better.

Bipperlisi Railway 16.06 (1)

It is all a question of navigation. Yes, I am the perfect wheelchair driver and even have it all documented on my computer drive in my photo album.

RDP #26: Navigate

Good Morning

Front garden in the morning

It is again a wonderful morning in my part of the world. Looking out from my desk where I am writing, everything is bathed in sunlight. This is really one of the best summers I remember: not too hot and not too cold and a gentle breeze now and again. Although our weather prophets have predicted a real heat wave beginning next week, when some are complaining all the time about the unbearable heat. I am glad to be able to still be around to witness it all. At the age of 71 you enjoy every day, unbearable heat or not, and I can always sit in the shade.

Aare 25.06 (4)

Of course I made the most of it yesterday afternoon and went for a wheelie in my chair along the river bank, although local authorities. I would be do glad if you could perhaps make a more comfortable surface for wheels along the path. I like to go along the river, but it is all natural paths, covered with stones and almost rocks in some places. I am shaken and not stirred when I reach the end of my journey.

Clouds 25.06 (6)

I kept it simple this time and just did a one way journey and back. I would like to cross to the other side of the river, but there is a bridge with steps and my wheelchair does not like more than one step at a time, but I can admire the views from my side of the river.

Stork 25.06 (3)

There is also a stork nest on the other side of the river, so with the help of my zoom lens I manage to grab a picture or two, or three of four. Yes, OK, I had more than 50 photos on the camera when I arrived home.

Dog 25.06 (9)

Other animal life were the swimming dogs I often saw. This lady had a good idea for her dog to swim and fetch. It was a sort of floatable object so there were no problems about searching for the sticks that were thrown. Dogs just love obeying. If I throw something for my cat she looks at it, thinks about it and might go an fetch it. Usually she waits until it might possible walk to her. I suppose they are more introverted animals and let us not forget they were once worshipped as gods and never forgot it.

Tractor 25.06 (4)

The farmer was also busy on a field I passed on my journey, gathering the hay from the grass that had been left to dry on the field. This will be the winter food ration for the cows, if only there were cows. As I have already mentioned, the cows disappeared a few weeks ago. but where there is hay there is hope and so I am sure they will return, if perhaps not the same cows.

Today is my cleaning lady day, so I am a little later on the computer and afterwards I will probably be cleaning windows whilst the cleaning lady is cleaning my bathroom and shower.

Crops 25.06 (1)

This is what the farmer leaves behind when the hay is gathered. It used to be hay stacks and today it is all clean rolls of hay enclosed in some sort of net. Times change, even for the farms, everything is now so neat and tidy.

I will leave you with this picture of local Swiss countryside and would say enjoy the day and make the most of it. I know I do.