Flower of the Day: 22.04.2017 Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart 21.04 (1)

My Bleeding Heart in the garden have been flowering for at least a month, but probably no longer. They will disappear, I will forget they exist until next year in April when they suddenly appear again as if to say, we are still here, do not forget us. They grew from a stray seed from a neighbour, I did not plant them. They began as a tiny plant and now they have grown to a large size: one of my favourites.

Flower of the Day: 22.04.2017 Bleeding Heart

8 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 22.04.2017 Bleeding Heart

  1. I do not know if your bleeding heart is the same as ours here, but it looks the same. Have no fear for it if it is the same. We bought this place in 2007, and it had bleeding heart planted next to the house and also on the back fence. I cut, dug, pulled, and finally poisoned the roots and vine offshoots to try to get rid of it. I had to have someone go under the house a few years after all this and in the sand under the place near the skirting where it could get light, the bleeding heart had shoots growing. So I hired a young man to go under and dig it all out while laying on his belly in the sand under our home. 🙂 Hugs

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    • If you feed a bleeding heart plant on blood I believe this sort of thing is quite normal, ours is behaving at the moment, but we just give it water. Do you perhaps live near a nuclear power plant? Just asking.

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          • I couldn’t take the medication they give to help prevent your thyroid from taking up the radiation. It is one of the causes of my current problems. One of the reasons I had to stop working at the Nuclear power plant was I was by their best figuring I was way over my lifetime limit of exposure. That made me a rather strong proponent of ending our need for that type of power. We can’t figure out how to deal with the by products of it now, and it is time to stop making more. Hugs

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          • I agree. Switzerland has passed a law to stop building further plants and we must find an alternative source of energy. However we still have the old plants that we must get rid of and France have quite a few on their borders to Switzerland.

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