Good Morning

Sky 23.04.2017

It’s Sunday and all is well with the world – almost. We had our marches yesterday in the name of science (good thing) and earth day (also a good thing, but will it change anything?). Switzerland also had a science march in Geneva, no big deal, but a few decided to march. I marched at home and gave my orchids their weekly dose of water, as well as venturing into the garden to see how things were developing. I have been somewhat cut off from my plant development over the past two weeks due to scaffolding building outside and not even being sure how to get into my garden. However, it is now Sunday, there are no workman and I have decided that this week-end there will be no photos of scaffolding, screws or metal bits and pieces.

We have blue skies, as can be seen from the photo. although it was a dangrous undertaking to get the shot, tripping over steel plates in the garden from the workers,  to find a safe spot. This afternoon I will take a walk on the wild side to see how the cows, ducks and chickens are keeping. I even caught a plane on my photo winging its way from Zürich Airport towards France, perhaps it was only a local trip Zürich-Geneva.

I awoke somewhat bleary eyed this morning around 5.30, reached out for my mobile phone next to the bed and checked the time and then something happened. I somehow got a white square on the middle of the screen, but could not read it as I did not have my glasses on. I just pressed the button and suddenly all my apps were shivering and shaking, meaning one of them was ready to go. I pressed further and everything was OK, but somewhere on the way I cancelled one of the apps and this all at the crack of dawn. I decided to sleep on and make a check when I was really awake and back in the real world. After an examination the main apps were still there, and I finally came to the conclusion that I had deleted the weather app, which I never really used in any case. I replaced it, but checked on Mr. Swiss phone afterwards to make sure there were no strategic apps missing.

The next catastrophe was not far away. I  stopped hugging the bed and moved to the kitchen, it was now 08.15 and I had my glasses on. My first work of the morning is to make my cup of tea and prepare my bread and jam slices (in between switching on the computer). Catastrophe! There were two meager remainders of bread loaves, both approaching the dry, hard, “do you really want to eat me” stage. I thought about it, but remembered that one arrived on last Thursday and the other was a thawed remainder of a frozen emergency bread from the beginning of the week. This was Sunday morning, I deserved more. But wait there was a remainder of the Friday bread, but this was one of those super fresh breads which become dehydrated after a day, and there was only a short remainder.

I was now in dire straits. First of all an iPhone problem and now no bread. However, I discovered a remainder of toast bread. Bread for toasting never really dies, although it can go green with age. This was not yet green and still ready for toasting, and my breakfast was saved.  I have decided the day can only get better.

In the meanwhile I heard a local ambulance passing through sounding its horn, so someone somewhere is also not having a good Sunday.

I will now move on to a restful relaxing Sunday and wish you all the same.

Dandelion 22.04 (1)

3 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning. Be careful with all these construction materials in your garden. I’m lucky with bread for breakfast. Just next door of my building there are not one, but two bakeries and one of them opens Sundays from eight am. In just three minutes I have fresh baked bread each morning.


      • When the scaffolding is finally in place, the building materials should disappear from the garden. We don’t have any shops in our. village so have to remember to buy everything in the supermarket. You have the ideal solution to the bread problem. I really wanted normal photos today and nothing from our construction art forms.


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