Daily Prompt: A new baby in the house


So do not get excited, it was a painless birth, just half an hour, and mother and baby are still functioning as they should. Today was the day I decided to adopt a new iPad. My old iPad is still working, but I need more room to expand.

It was ready this morning to be picked up and only after my golden oldie sleep did I have time to give it the care and attention it required. It is looking quite healthy and I must say it was really a stressless birth. It was not my first, of course, I just followed the steps and everything was in the right place when it was finished. There was an update to perform, just a small one, but even that worked well. It asked me for my finger print and special code, but as I am the only one that will take care of this offspring, I decided why be complicated when it can be simple.

My finger prints will be all over this iPad eventually, with a touch screen and handling, so why make a spectacle about it. They even had a little photo of finger print to show me what a finger print looks like, but when I use my iPad I do not want to insert my finger somewhere, or write a code. Codes are to be avoided where possible. Our life is full of them. Something else to remember to forget – no thankyou.

It did a complete backup from a cloud, and when it was finished everything was there. I thought I would have to upload my varios apps again, but no – the cloud rained down on my new iPad and everything was in the right place at the right time. It even added a few apps, the apple numbers and pages. Now I am a happy bunny. There was a small panic when it refused to combine my e-mail server, which is also on a cloud, but Mr. Swiss informed it is a different cloud. This problem was also overcome, as the code for this was also registered, with Mr. Swiss. It will now be included on my memory stick for codes.

There was one little detail missing. I bought an extra surround thinking that a cover would be included. Due to a misunderstanding I only had a base and needed a cover. My problem is that I like to sleep with my baby next to me on the side table, and it tends to have illuminations before sleeping which can be a distrubance. However Mr. Swiss to the rescue. He had nothing better to do and volunteered to go quickly to the supermaket and get one for me. There was a colour problem, as I wanted something in pink – no more blacks and browns. Pink was not available but they had one piece in apricot, which no-one seemed to want. And now my baby is wearing an apricot cover – what could be possibly be better.

iPad cover

Daily Prompt: A new baby in the house

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: A new baby in the house

  1. Luv it! My own lap top has a fuchsia pink cover (I am going back to the original black when I dig it out of closet). I had teenage boys in the house when I bought my laptop and wanted to scare them away from it LOL. I’m not sure I could adapt to an iPad, being on a desk top all day. Not a fan of my ereader/nook.

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    • For the serioius stuff like blogging and writing, I use my Apple Macbook pro or my Acer Microsoft computer. I just like to have a lap top on the side. With the iPad I can do it from the bed, from the armchair and do not have to start up the complete computer. It is really just for notes and games and bits and pieces.

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      • I need more on my iPad too. However, now I have problems with my iPhone 7 that I have had for a short four months! It has stopped being able to take videos. I took it back to the AT&T store and they said “Oh…you need to do some updates”…I did and now it is worse. Now I have some serious complaining to do!!!

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  2. Pat, this made my evening! What a beautiful and painless addition to your family – and with a lovely cover too (it looks quite pinkish on the photo – in our household I insist that everything I can get in a great red needs to be red – but on my smartphone I have a Swiss pink etui as it’s not a standard size like all the usual phones (a cheap one from Media Markt Bern, at the time!) – and I did love to read your enchanting story of how the babe entered your household. Have a great weekend with your kid 🙂

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    • Being a.cyber golden oldie I must have an iPad as an extra on the side. Am now writing from my bed , so comfortable. The colour is known as apricot. They did not have pink unfortunately. It was a stock remainder so even got it cheaper. I once had a smartphone cover with a Union Jack that I bought in England which was quite unique in Switzerland. Have a nice weekend 🙂

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