Good Morning

Castle Waldegg 23..02 (1)

Yesterday I took a walk in the glorious sunshine up the hill to the local Castle Waldegg. The place was deserted, just an occasional walker, but no great march. It was very windy, and that probably kept people away, but not so cold.  They have three benches at the foot of the castle, which is ideal for golden oldies like me. When I reach the top of the hill, I need a resting place to take photos. It is an ideal lookout point with a view of the Swiss alps if you are lucky. Yesterday I was lucky, the weather and atmospheric conditions gave me a super view from my bench.

Alps 23.02 (5)

After  some time I decided it was time to go and I got very annoyed with the Swiss airforce. I stood up, gripped my cane and just as I wanted to walk, two jets flew over at super sonic speeds. If I had still been sitting on the bench I could have take a super photo, as they were big jets and flying low. I think they were only putting on a show, or perhaps Mr. Swiss ordered them for my photo and forgot to tell me.

Mr. Swiss was also busy yesterday afternoon. His drum rehearsal room is being demolished to make way for a new building, and he spent the afternoon assumbling his drum set and moving it back to our hobby cellar, together with organising a few other things. He took No. 1 son with him for the heavy work. On Sunday they will be collecting the rest. I suppose at the age of 78, it makes no big difference if the opportunity for a drum practice is no longer available. He can still play at home in the cellar. Most people work during the day and are not disturbed.

Castle Waldegg 23..02 (3)

This is the full size of the castle as you approach it when walking up the hill. As I said, very few people, but one brave lady was taking a walk, as she got my photo. In Summer you do not get such a clear photo, as the trees are then bearing their leaves.

Today is the big day I pick up my new iPad, so I will be busy organising all my apps. Actually it is not big problem, the only problem I might have is organising my e-mails, but I am sure I have details somewhere on my memory stick. Otherwise there is always Mr. Swiss for help, although he did say something about not looking forward to solving my organisational problems that might appear when I am setting up the iPad. Today is also one of those stupid week-end shopping days. At the supermarket they have special extra point offers, and so it will probably be a battlefield and not the usual walk through.

My time is limited this morning, as I decided to stay a little long hugging my bed, which is never a good start to the day.

I wish you all a good one and wave goodbye showing a view across the top half of the village.

Feldbrunnen village 23.02 (16)

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning, Pat. I love that Alpine view from the bench. In clear weather I would be going to that bench a lot. I like the last picture too. Switzerland is gorgeous. We have an overcast morning here in Lisbon and a very cool 17c at 9 am. It hope it warms up soon. Have a nice day, Pat. How is your weather this morning ? Better than ours I hope.

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    • I also get the view from my garden, but have to stand on a chair. We live in a very rural place and have the next big town just 20 minutes walk along the road, or a connection with the local train. It is perfect. Today is a bit cooler, but I did not intend going for a walk as I had a few things to catch up on at home (like fitting up my new iPad).

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  2. Well Pat, by now you’ll be hugging your new iPad and all the sorrows will be past, hopefully 🙂
    I get to know some small part of my home country thanks to your photos and I very much love what I see. Makes me think of how everybody we ever knew came visiting us when we lived in lovely Devon, they made trips to see all the beauties of South Western England, they ventured as far as Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland, and told us what they had seen…. whereas we who lived in the country, were ‘earth-bound’ with jobs and obligations and functionning as hoteliers 🙂
    Tks so much, kind regards, Kiki

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    • I was please how well the upload went on the new iPad. Everything happened automatically from the backup on my other iPad. I am very satisfied with the new iPad.
      I spent a holiday once in Paignton for two weeks with mum and dad when I was a kid. It is a very nice area, the sort of Tessin of England with the Palm Trees. I have never been to Cornwall. It must be very nice.


  3. Cornwall IS wonderful, kind of rugged and wild, much wind, people are a special breed too but oh very wonderful and gorgeous it is. We went a few times to ‘Eden’, or to the tiny villages seemingly hanging to the cliffs by the skin of their teeth, with lanes the width of a baby stroller! And Hero Husband worked in Paignton at the time, that’s why we lived in Torquay – we’re going back every year for one week (by car from PARIS) to visit all and sundry and would be happily living there once more (not very likely with Brexit….).


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