Good Evening

What a strange day weatherwise. It began with sun, so I did the normal housework routine and made my was into town about 10.00 in the morning. It was quite warm still. I had to get some goods that I cannot order online. My cooking wine needed a replacement. I like to keep two bottles of red and white in my store at home. After my usual tour of town I made my way home, but what was that? Did I feel a drop of rain, another drop and so I definitely decided it was time to go home. As soon as I arrived the sun appeared. Late afternoon the clouds appeared again and it seemed that night was approaching and then of course the thunder arrived with all the trimmings, so we had a nice hailstorm for half an hour. At least I do not have to water the garden this evening.

It seemed to me that our town was in a state of repair and this road work was the first object I saw on the way into town. The hole was made about half a year ago. Who knows what they are doing, but it seems to be a never ending work.

Eventually I took the path through the museum park into town. It is really wonderful how the trees are now so leafy and green.

I was surprised to see this vans all nicely parked in a row in town. Of course they were neatly parked, that is the Swiss way, ,although I did see this policeman checking on who was who. It is now building and renovating time in Spring-Summer as in Winter it is almost impossible with the cold temperatures, ice and snow and so the various buildings are having their repairs made. We seem to be living in a building site at the moment.

Not that I am neglecting Mr. Swiss, but today his daughter (my step daughter) was paying him a visit She lives in Zürich which is an hour away by motorway. He is glad to see her and sometimes she brings her daughter with her. He feels quite flattered when he get visits from young ladies.

We have another one of those holidays for the day on Thursday when it is Ascension Day. That is a Swiss national holiday, and not just local. I have to rethink my shopping mode, but no great problem and it is not such a stress holiday as Easter or Christmas. I just have to secure my delivery slot for an online order, although I really do not need so much. I had a quick check in my deep freezer and have enough meat to last for a few weeks. I also have plenty of fresh veg and fruit, so we will survive.

And now I am off to finish cooking the evening meal, as no. 1 son will soon be home. Keep safe and well, and try not to stress too much – I know, easier said than done.

7 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. We’ve had hail twice in the past month. Big pieces, too. The size of marbles. But now, according to everyone, the next week should be a good one. If they are right, we’ll get a whole week of spring weather and can watch the flowers bloom.

    It is great for Mr. Swiss that he gets a lot of visitors. I’m sure it makes a huge difference in his quality of life.

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    • We have had some great weather lately. In between we get rainstorms to compensate. Mr. Swiss is settling in nicely. He is in a good place and very well looked after.


  2. Good morning .. I am finally getting time to check in with your blog each morning here in our time zone. Thanks for the great pictures. Take care and have a great day. SLP …

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