Good Evening

Spent the day alone at home more or less, but broke out this afternoon for a wheelie on my scooter around the village. Passed the golden oldie home of Mr. Swiss. His room is in the roof where the two windows poke through the roof. It was his choice and he likes it up there, but today I just wheeled past. I was wondering what to do with my day, but staying indoors is not my thing, although nothing much happening in the village.

The only animals I saw where some cows grazing in the field. Even they seemed to be a bit bored and had nothing better to do. Actually I only went for a ride to wear down the battery on my scooter so that I could upload it through the night and have it fully charged for tomorrow, although it will be raining so I will not be going very far.

I seem to have had the complete village to myself this afternoon, no traffic and no people. Probably holiday season is beginning and everyone compensating for the years they could not go anywhere, although that did not bother me so much, I had it all to myself.

And that is all I have to say really. Yesterday I was not even here in the evening, there was too much going on and I had a bad day which happens now and again, coupled with a low blood pressure where I had to be careful to stay on my feet. I managed to get to a chair, sit down a bit and then have a lay down on the bed for half an hour. Eventually I was back to a normal condition, but it was a bit of a shock. What would I do alone at home with my autistic son if something really bad happened? I gave him a quick instruction of how to use my signal token to call the emergency people if necessary. He has done it before so knows how it works. Mr. Swiss told me on the phone afterwards if he had been here it would have been better, but if he had been here he could not have helped. Living alone has its advantages, but also disadvantages and it worries me. My neighbour is also off for a week’s holiday with his family and it seems to me our block is quite empty at the moment.

I will now leave you with our village church and how it looked this afternoon, also a scene devoid of people. Let us hope that tomorrow is a little more lively.

5 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. You might want to keep our emergency button on some kind of necklace or bracelet so you can get to it easily if you need to. That’s quite common here. In fact, most of those emergency messengers are sold as necklaces or wristlets.

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    • I have one that I always wear like a watch. I also have key to the appartment in a sealedbox in my letterbox and the medical staff have the code so that they can always get into my home should it be necessary. However I only have one stationwhere I can call for help. This is an extra button that I have in case I cannot speak to the helpers by radio because I am too far away and my son can use it to make a connection.

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      • Very good. We have Vital call who have got us to hospital on several occasions and a lock box for our keys. Very handy when I lock myself out, but don’t tell my wife.
        It is interesting when we seem the only ones about.

        I am now being forced. More or less to use a wheelchair due to a very excruciating hip.

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