Good Evening

OK let us see how far I get with catching up on the few days that I deserted the computer. It was not planned but my best friend and support, my iPhone made itself independent, fell out of my pocket and got lost. It was found by a teacher at the local apprentice school, but had already been run over by a car on the road. It was alive making the usual signal noises, but was blind and could see nothing. It also began to have very hot feelings, so hot that it was getting dangerous. Eventually it cooled down but was then dying. I went to the phone shop the next morning but they could do nothing. My iPhone is more than a phone for me, it is my life line and so I had to bite into the sour apple and get myself a new one. The advantage is that I am now the proud possessor of an iPhone 13 with all the super trimmings.

I have now been busy uploading all my apps and configuring my bank and post detais as I use the phone for my online payments. I again had contact with my friend at the bank to help me on my way and the help desk: all very nice guys and I think they all like me. Afterwards I contacted the post and she was a very nice lady and guided me through the details and my phone app was alive again. At the phone shop they were also very helpful, all young guys loving their work. The boss of the shop had the first name of “Elvis”. I had to laugh when I saw it on his name shield, and we are now the best of friends on first name terms. The guy that programmed my new phone for me was also quite friendly. The next day I went to the Swisscom shop in town where they help with your devices, to set up my e-mails. The incoming mails were automatic but the outgoing were more complicated. Anyhow again I got help which was included in the price of my new phone with the guarantee and now everything is working again. I still have the half of my tel. nos. and details to insert, but for that I have time. The apps are all operating and my various radio stations as well. I could even put my Covid certificate on it by scanning the code.

I was in town quite regularly this week with my telephone business and also some shopping, but I was glad. The town is alive again with musicians, no-one is now wearing a mask and everything is awake from its Snow White sleep, although covid is still hanging around. It seems we have now all learned to live with it. Living alone I am now glad to get out and meet people. I manage OK alone but if I wanted to live the life of a hermit I could have joined a convent.

Seeing so many people sitting on the steps of our cathedral in the sun is alway a good sign.

And the stores were busy selling their fruit and veg.

As I was roaming around the town I saw this rather handsome Siamese cat (at least I think it is a Siamese) bathing in the sun and it really deserved a photo: such a handsome cat.

And now you all know I am still alive and kicking, at least with my walker. Mr. Swiss is his usual miserable self, which is normal for him. I pop in now and again to see how he is managing in his golden oldie retreat. I will now move on, so see you again tomorrow – I hope. Keep well and safe

They are renovating our clock tower, hence the scaffolding.

15 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. What an ordeal you have been through the past couple of months! Having a broken phone is icing on the cake that you did not deserve after all of the other challenges you have surmounted. And yet once again you rose to the occasion and were able to get that spiffy new phone replacement configured with capable support folks. You’re right – our very lives are on our mobiles. One of mine has been in Davy Jones Locker at the bottom of my lake. I replaced it that same day but even now, four years later, there are still some bits that I haven’t been able to recover. I’m glad this phone adventure is behind you and that it will be smooth sailing from here on out. Your photos today were excellent. Glad to see you out and about once more.

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  2. I did wonder where you had got to when I realised you hadn’t been online for a couple of days. I’m sorry to hear of the death of your phone. It sounds like it suffered a lot. I had to replace mine recently too for a much more stupid reason. It fell into the toilet. I bought another but don’t like it as much. I only use cheap phones as I don’t tend to do much on it.
    Anyway at least you got a nice new iPhone so you are golden again.
    The cat is certainly very handsome.

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    • I use my phone for almost everything. I listn to music, pay my bills with it and buy the goods at the store with it. Who needs money when you have a phone. I was not planning on a new phone yet but now I have it. I have always had iPhone.

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  3. Good Day! I thought you were just taking some time from your blogging obligations, and had not been on enough to realize that it had been so long. Rhody and I are on vacation in the Pacific Northwest now, so I do not often get online.

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