RDP Wednesday: Wool

Our monthly market always has a selection of wool and knitted garments. It reminds me of my knitting days when I would knit long socks for the kids for school. My mother-in-law taught me how and I would knit them with various patterns in the leg and when making the heel and toe of the sock you always added a single strand of the wool for reinforcement. Of course everyone had kitted pullovers and cardigans, it was my housewife-mother hobby. I would tour the various stores to see what they were offering for wool and patterns. I even saved the remainders of the wool and would make colourful throws for the bed from them, usually crochered.

One day I stopped. Computers arrived and I became a working woman. My knitting days were no longer. I remember the fun I had, but today my hands would no longer be able to hold the wool and weave it into the needles.

RDP Wednesday: Wool

Good Evening

I went to town this afternoon and arrived just at the time to see our carnival figure being placed for the evening. It is stuffed with fireworks and it will be burnt in the evening to celebrate the end of the carnival..

I have a completely different routine now. I am on my own during the day with Mr. Swiss in his residence and my No. 1 son working full time during the day, so I am left to my own devices. I did my usual cleaning routine in the morning and ate a small snack for lunch.

Sliced mushrooms in a white wine cream sauce on toast, one of my favourites.

Aftewards a midday sleep and then I went to town. Mr. Swiss really needed new slippers and I had some business at one of the banks.

In between I managed a couple of photos of my feathered friendsl

I am really not sure what this is. I thought it might be a female blackbird, but I had never seen the patterns on its breast before. It might be a starling. If anyone recognises it, let me know.

Mr. Swiss is now a permanent guest in his senior home. He was classified as a holiday guest, but he now has his own room and is officially a member of the home. He had a choice of rooms to choose from, but decided the room he has suits him. I am glad that it is now definitely settled.

And now after our evening meal which is actually dinner I will have a relaxing evening. Keep safe and well everyone. I will now compose my list of groceries for the next delivery.