Good Evening

This was today: a dreary cloudy sky and rain constantly. I was so down: not able to go anywhere as a scooter is not ideal in such weather. You just get wet. I did not have to go anywhere, there was food enough at home. I just miss getting out and seeing something different. I really had to find something to keep me occupied, so I decided to clear out the remaining drawer in a cupboard – not such a good idea. It was full of electronics: plugs, wires, gadgets that I did not understand and what no-one has looked at tor the past ten years at least. I now have five plug rails, and need only one. I even found an screwdriver that could be charged with battery that was no longer working of course. I now have four bags of electronic rubbish to deal with.

At least I have some daffodils in the garden to brighten up the day. They are being guarded by my models that No. 1 son brought into the garden from their refuge in the cellar.

Even our local Jura mountain chain had clouds hanging on the top. Whether it had snowed up there I do not know. This weather will continue until the week-end according to the weather forecast. I think I will have to hibernate. On the other hand, it can only get better.