Good Evening

Another good start to the day, although I had my first problem this morning after flushing the toilet as it would not stop flushing and the water would not stop. However a quick phone to my plumber and he said he would arrive in ten minutes. Actually he arrived in five minutes and immediately knew that it was clogged with lime deposits. After half an hour he had finished the job and everything was perfect. What a wonderful guy that is. Of course everything was late but I was not going anywhere. Next delay was that No. 1 son phoned to say he would be only home in the late afternoon. He is still working half days with exceptions and this was an exception, but no problem. Mr. Swiss will be at the hospital for an x-ray check on the hip replacement he had a couple of months ago on Thursday, so I also had to organise that with his home. Then I noticed that I had lost a post office paying slip for our appartment account. I called for a new one and they told me the letter was only a confirmation that there would be nothing to pay as there were no “-” signs in front of the total amount. I should really improve my German. And that was that.

A quick visit to Mr. Swiss this afternoon as I had to organise his telephone which was not working as he had made a mistake.

And that is all for today. I just wanted to say I may not writing so much in future. I am sorting out my life a bit and need to take a rest now and again from my writing. I will pop in when I have the time for it.

RDP Sunday: War

It is not strange to see army vehicles on the road in Switzerland. We have a permanent army and somewhere there are soldiers doing their duty. The men are called for action for three weeks during the year. They must do three months training and afterwards they serve in their regiments. My youngest son was in the heavy artillery, although he was diverted to organising the food supplies so it was more office work. Now and again he had some action and could ride in the tanks.

I saw this group of soldiers in our town. They were probably on some sort of manoevre.

And here there are a group of soldiers waiting for the train to take them to their regiment. Our soldiers use public transport when they are called up for their service.

RDP Sunday: War

Good Evening

The sun tried to rise this morning, and it actually succeeded but it was not a warm sun: a hard, cold sun. I visited Mr. Swiss this afternoon, but I froze on my was home on the scooter. There was a head wind and I was glad I only needed a couple of minutes to arrive home.

Otherwise I spent time watching the birds up to their tricks outside. It was a quiet Sunday and my No. 1 son decided to go into town this afternoon to see if there was any carnival action. Yesterday evening he disappeared and spent the time in town in his favourite restaurant where there was music and carnival fun, returning home in the early hours of the morning. That is typical carnival time table, but it is only for one week in the year.

I also completed my order for next week’s groceries, which is now completely different. My son was always home for lunch, but now he will be working all day and getting a snack to eat for lunch. This means that I will now be alone all day and no longer bother to cook for lunch. I will be cooking for the evening meal for myself and son. This is ideal for me as I can at least make something I like for myself at midday. My son does not like cheese or mushrooms which I do, so mushrooms on toast or a cheese omelette will be on my list. Ham and egg will also probably be on the menu as a quick meal and I am sure I can invent something with an avocado which is also something I like. After so many years of cooking for the others, it is now my turn.

I also found five pair of track suit trousers in a cupboard today, never been worn. Two of them would be too big for Mr. Swiss as they were from the days when he still had more kilo, so I decided to adopt them for me. The others would be his size and today he only really wears relaxing clothes.

And that was my day. Sometimes it is good to be able to relax and have no stress. Tomorrow the week begins again, although I have no plans. I wish you all a good week.

RDP Saturday: Peace

Switzerland is surrounded by other countries, we have no sea or ocean, it is landlocked. Just imagine if one of those countries got jealous of our life and organisation and decided to invade. We have a full time army, every Swiss able bodied male has to serve three weeks during the year: sometimes more if an officer. My No. 2 son had to oblige, from the age of 20 until about 30, although I no longer know the exact years.

And so Vladimir Putin the Russian boss, has decided that the Ukraine need to be conquered. I mention Putin by name because he is not representing the complete Russian population, but when he tells his army to march they have no choice. Is it jealousy or greed – who knows: I was born in 1946, a year after the last war but I heard enough from my parents. Have we learnt anything? All I can do is enjoy this photo of the peaceful surroundings of my village and hope that they remain.

RDP Saturday: Peace

Good Evening

Yesterday Evening it was quite cloudy but I had illumination from our surroundings. I was not here yesterday, as No. 2 son called past and we had a lot to catch up with as I had not seen or heard from him for more than week. However he is keeping well and the family, although his wife did lose the sense of taste after the Covid attack they all had. It is gradually getting better.

Yesterday I went into town for some groceries and naturally also to have a look.

I was not disappointed and the town is now in the hands of the carnival. This bus had been redesigned with various figures dressed in carnival masks. It was advertising tours of part of the town, but it was not really going anywhere.

They also decided that ABBA should take part in the festivities.

Many of the store windows had been decorated with carnival subjects.

Some were a little scary.

And heads were being collected.

This one was titled as the “Town Corona Prison” but all in good humour. After 2 years of not being able to have a carnival due to Corona they are now making the most of it. Almost all our complete Corona restrictions have now been abandoned, and it was the first time for a couple of years that I could enter the store and do my shopping without wearing a mask. Masks are now only being worn in nursing homes etc, and on public transport. We usually have a town carnival procession, but for that it needs a year of preparation and the relaxation of the laws came too late to organise a procession. However, everything else with masked groups of people were taking place and many restaurants were having their celebrations. Life is gradually normalising.

It was good to see that things were getting back to normal life and musicians were also appearing in town.

I am still busy at home sorting my appartement. I have discovered that Mr. Swiss had become a hoarder. I found documents dating from the nineties. Gradually I am clearing them away, but it is not possible to dispose of everything at once. It will be a gradual task, but I have time. I even had a guy ask me yesterday how much my scooter cost as his elderly father needs one. I told him I had one to sell as Mr. Swiss no longer needs it and he will contact me as he was very interested.

I eventually arrived home and was pleased that No. 2 son arrived which broke up the monotony of the evening. He left in the late evening for his train to the other side of Switzerland having a 2-3 hour journey. However, he had his mobile iPad with him with keyboard and it would not be a boring journey home. He can do some work on the train.

Today I stayed at home for a quiet Saturday with no stress. Since Mr. Swiss is no longer here I have a completely different time table. In the last week I think I only watched TV once for about an hour and I do not even miss it.

I wish everyone a relaxed time where even you are.