Good Evening

Quite a nice sunrise this morning, but in spite of a sunny day it remained cold. Lucia, my domestic servant (sounds better than cleanin glady) arrived this morning. I really need her for my shower although no longer so much as I am now alone. She also looks after my kitchen and bathroom when necessary. This morning I decided to give her moral support and whilst she was busy I cleaned half of my windows. I had not bothered with them for some time and they were not so bad, but now they sparkle. Actually I only wanted to do the kitchen window, but I had time and did and living room windows as well.

Suddenly I noticed a black shadow over my porch of a bird. It landed in the neighbour’s garden but decided to take a walk to my garden to see if there was any food. Of course there was, and so this crow decided to stay a while to see what was on offer.

He was quite a stately bird and stayed awhile for a few photos. This afternoon I visited Mr. Swiss. Whilst I was there the guy that does the physio therapy arrived and so Mr. Swiss had 15 minutes of exercises in between. I find it good that they do something with the golden oldies and I noticed Mr. Swiss is now a lot more mobile and confident than he was.

And now for some drama. This is not my photo but from Internet. Yesterday evening in our town of Solothurn there was a fire. Three buildings were destroyed belonging to the home for senior citizens. It happened at 7.15 in the evening and the fire troops from various villages were called to help. Luckily no one was injured and they got all 20 residents of the home out of the building very quickly. My son called me this morning asking if it was the home where Mr. Swiss is, which is was not thank goodness, although his home is also owned by the same authorities. It made all the Swiss newspapers. I spoke to one of the ladies on the phone today that was working there and she said the damage was bad but thank goodness no lives were in danger.

I got a confirmation today that Mr. Swiss new furniture will be delivered tomorrow morning in his senior home. Tomorrow Lucia, will be here (cleaning lady) to help me put out my newspapers for the local collection. Afterwards we might go into town as a new store has opened specialising in just the sort of bed I am looking for and Lucia is also interested as she once slept in one of their beds in, yes – Miami – she gets around.

Otherwise everything under control so I am off. See you all tomorrow unless something comes in between. I leave you with an afternoon view over our area which I saw when scootering home from my visit to Mr. Swiss.