FOWC with Fandango: Jazz

I am a rare visitor here, although I very much enjoy these challenges, but no longer have the time for everything. However, when I saw the title here I had to join. My husband, commonly known as Mr. Swiss, is the drummer in this band. He is a 100% jazzer and although I was always a jazz fan, his music was jazz and played for many years, amateur of course, with various local groups.

My husband is now 82 years old and is now in a senior home. Of course he no longer plays his beloved drums, but they are in the hobby room in my house. Perhaps they might form a band once in his home, who knows. Jazz music was his life. I do miss the evenings in the local jazz club where he often played.

FOWC with Fandango: Jazz

Good Evening

During the afternoon some clouds appeared, but nothing to disturb. It was perhaps not as warm as yesterday, but bearable. I decided on a day at home for a rest. I was enough here and there this week and I really had no urgent appointments. My groceries arrived this morning. Ordering online is so good and well organisaed. However, I shall have to be careful with ny orders. Today I received 2 kilo of onions instead of just one that I needed. With the slip of the finger it is easy to order twice and not noticing, which happened to me. However, no problem as onions are something you always need. Otherwise I am all set for the week-end. I was busy freezing the meat I ordered as there were a few special offers. I now have hambuger for a few meals and sliced beef. My reserve on bread is also now enough. Since it is only No. 1 son and me in the evening we only need bread for breakfast, and not so much. My days of baking my own bread are now finished. I just freeze the bread and it stays very fresh, especially as it does not stay long frozen. I just have to remember to take it out of the freezer in the evening so that it thaws until the morning.

It was a birdy day today with a visit from a female blackbird.

A magpie also appeared on the search for some suitable food.They are alwas alert for a treat.

And the sparrows we also there, ever present, and enjoying the pleasure of a bath.

I decided to have another try with shredding documents this afternoon. This time it worked better as thanks to a tip from one of my colleagues here on WordPress, lined the container with a plastic bag. However, my machine is not one of the best, and after a while it gets overheated so I have to wait for it to cool down again. However my pile of documents is getting smaller and one day they will be gone – I hope.

I did not visit Mr. Swiss today and will visit again on Sunday. He does tend to forget the days, he forgets a lot at the moment. I am glad he has good care at his home. I am sure I could not do it now.

And now for a relaxing Friday evening with no stress and perhaps a little TV to occupy myself. Keep safe and well and enjoy your week-ends.