FOWC with Fandango: Ostracize

What did those socks commit for a crime that they had been cast out, left on their own, hanging on the stairway railing. Why were they ostracised. Perhaps it was a frustrated housewife that could not find the sock’s partners: three odd socks and no matching pair. Now they were abandoned to a lonely life, never to find a foot again. At least I took their photo for posterity.

FOWC with Fandango: Ostracise

RDP Saturday: Clink

Here is a collection of clink. All you need is to fill up a glass or two with the right liquid. Our clinkers lead an isolated life, separated from the liquids that should fill them because the various assortments of red, white or even rosé wine lives alone in the cellar and I do not think it has been touched for at least a year.

Wine is something you buy and collect in case you have visitors, or even if it might be renowned as a good drop, something particularly special to keep for a special occasion. However, our wine bottles are still waiting for the special occasion. Mr. Swiss stopped drinking wine slowly as the golden oldie years arrived and I am tee total and drink no alcohol. So there we are with empty glasses, wine in the bottles and no-one to do a clink.

I told No. 2 son to come and collect what he needs, but his wife’s family have a wine mountain and make it themselves.

So cheers everyone, Prost.

RDP Saturday: Clink

Good Evening

It might be evening now, but too dark for a photo, so here is the morning sunrise and the sun stayed all day. This afternoon I went to town for a few groceries. My delivery from the supermarket cannot deliver frozen goods as their van is not equipped for it. However, they have been promising it will be done, but since half a year, so I gave up and get my frozen goods now and again on a visit to the store in town. I live quite a frozen life as I freeze a lot myself. Then I always have food at home and do not have to go shopping.

Today I bought some meat at the butchers. She always vacuums it for me so that I can freeze it afterwards. Otherwise I have my own vacuuming machine to freeze it myself in plastic. My grocery purchasing life has really become something completely different. I rarely have left-overs at home when I cook for my son and I, as he always eats everything and we just have empty pots and pans afterwards. However, since making something small for me at lunch, it might be that something is over. The cooked food is eaten, but it might be some cheese or ham which I eat in between meals. Yes, my eating habits are also changing.

I naturally took a few photos as I scootered my way through town. This is a fortified building on the edge of town which is now apartements.

I eventually arrived at the store. It is a good feeling now not to have to walk around with steamed up glasses and using a face identification system on your phone which actually now recognises you as you are now without a mask. The people working on the cash tills still wear a mask. I also noticed that the store is more than half empty. Perhaps it is because I do my shopping mid afternoon and not morning, or perhaps everyone has got used to shopping online.

When I started my journey into town on my scooter this was the main road leading to town, on a Saturday afternoon. Where have all the people gone, I asked myself, and no traffic. That covid thing has certainly changed our lives considerably.

I had photos from No 2 son this morning with his new guests. It is a grandmother and her grand daughter, 3 years old from the Ukraine. They are from Kiev and slept three weeks in the subway there due to the bombing. They managed to leave the Ukraine and slept for some time in the station in Linz in Austria. Naturally they had almost no luggage when they arrived and my son and his wife are looking after their needs. They speak Russian, a few words of German and English. It seems all the translating is done by the Google app on the computer which my son says is quite good. The children have no problem with the little girl and I wonder how long it will be before they also begin to converse in Russian. The father of the little girl in still in the Ukraine and is helping with the Ukraine army. It must be a worrying time for them.

Our local stream is still carrying water, probably from the snow melt up on the mountains.

I have problems getting frozen goods, and they had problems to find any food at all. What a crazy world we live in. I am reminded of my mum when she used to talk about the second world war.

I did not visit Mr. Swiss today but will see him tomorrow. It is a strange situation that we have. I could no longer cope with his health problems and there was no other solution for us both. He is now being constantly cared for, the care I could no longer give and for the first time in 52 years I am almost alone at home. Being alone is not a problem for me, but not what we imagined in our older years.

And now for an evening with my computer, and probably no television. I prefer to do my own thing. I also have some laundry for the washing machine, which is no great problem. I will now move on, so may you be having a good week-end.