Good Evening

I hugged my bed a little longer, so the sun was way up high when I eventually went into action with the camera. I thought I would be a lot later with everything, but not problem. I was finished with my little morning jobs by 11.00 a.m.and as I was only making a cheese omelette for lunch there would be no great cooking session. Battling with an egg or two, tossing it in the pan with some grated cheese is no big work. I felt I should have some veg or fruit with it, but no problem. I had some nice gala apples so I ate one with the food.

I had a telephone from No. 2 son this morning about this and that. He will be taking in a Ukrainian refugee. His family have a spare room in their house. At the moment their request is still being processed, but as he and his wife both speak english and have two children, they have applied to take in a mother with child.

I had a letter for the post. My No. 1 son used to take them with him in the afternoon, but now he works all day and so I made my way to the letter box in the village in the morning. Since living on my own I quite enjoy such little trips, if it is only a matter of a quarter of an hour I get out, take my camera and hobble around the village with my walker. I might even meet a neighbour on the way. And our one and only letter box is next to a very nice garden.

I even met my first bee of the season on my way to the letter box.

Our village was looking quite picturesque with the Jura mountains in the background. It was also a very nice sunny warm day, the first of the season. At last that cold North wind was no longer blowing.

Otherwise I went into town, just to get some Vitamin D medicine drops as my little bottle was empty.

I noticed the town gardeners were busy replanting the flower beds for a nice floral summer.

On the way back from town I called in at a supermarket to get some chocolate for Mr. Swiss. It seems his home has no chocolate and he does have a sweet tooth. I did him a quick visit in his home. I seem to be enjoying more action now I can please myself all day.

And with a view of the top of one of our town gates I will now leave you. Keep safe